Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Hopefully is the Last Post About Jars

My name is Casey, and I have an addiction to jars.

Yesterday I was at the dollarstore, spending a lot of money in tiny increments, and I found these great glass jars for $2 each. Last week when I moved my baking supplies to my open shelves, someone commented that it would be a good idea to put jars of grains on these shelves. I agreed! So now my shelves have gone from this:

To this!

mmm...organization is delicious!

The new jars hold white rice, brown rice, and icing sugar. The glasses have gone back into the cupboard, but I really need to clean out my cupboards and toss some stuff so hopefully there will be more room in the cupboards soon. I actually don't keep much food in my cupboards, so I think if I organize it I can fit more dishes in there.

Another problem you may find when moving your dry goods to jars is measuring. Now, I always found bags of rice floppy and hard to pour, but measuring with jars can lead to this:

I wasn't looking to buy tons of short, fat jars that my measuring cups would fit in, but at the same time pouring from a jar can be messy too if the lip is large or the jar is heavy. What I do is cover the jar in saran wrap and secure tightly with a elastic.

Then I cut a largish hole (about a quarter or more in size) at the edge. On the opposite side you may want to puncture a small hole to allow air in as the rice pours out. Then just pour into your cup! No spillage!

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  1. I love jars too. Oh so much. But I try to control my jar buying urges since I'm still working on filling the ones I have. I love the look of your shelves now though, very nice and uncluttered.


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