Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Put a Cork on It!

My fridge has been collecting way too much cute photos of babies, engaged couples, and a lot of appointment cards. Now, I like to have this stuff around to smile at (and remember appointments with)...but I really prefer the look of a clean, white fridge. With a small condo, you really have to stay on top of visual clutter.

So I decided to not take a before photo of my fridge (because I am an awesome blogger) and decided to make me a cork board!

Now, I found this perfect-sized cork board at the dollar store (for $3, it is clearly part of their upscale collection), but the dark wood trim wasn't really working for me. This is where a normal DIY blogger would bust out the sand paper, primers, spray paints etc. But I just sat down one day and started painting it with $1 craft paint. Cause that's how I roll, yo.

Holy crabapples- it actually worked! It took about 4 thin and even coats, but it turned out perfect and is solidly white now. I thought about redoing the cork, but:
a) I don't like busy backgrounds on cork boards (makes it look too busy when you pin stuff)
b) The cork was not removable to try fabric
c) Frankly, I just liked the cork colour with the white trim. It's all earthy and simple

I decided to hang it on the side of my upper cabinets on the way into the kitchen because I pass that spot a million times a day. I used Command brand picture-hanging strips with the velcro lock. No damage to the cabinet was key in this project.

I quickly bleeped out any personal details, in case you were wondering what all the blurry circles were. I think I need a bigger frame already!!

But it looks (and functions) great and now I have a clean and visual-clutter-free fridge!


  1. I'm the same way - I love a clutter free fridge. I've had to "force" myself to put a few things on it. It makes our place look more homey, like people actually live here, ha! I still have to straighten out our pictures and line them up, though. I love the idea of the cork board! I wish we had a space in our kitchen for that - even the side of our cupboard isn't big enough. I may have to make something similar, though, and put it somewhere else in the house.

    1. well the one I bought is only a foot wide. Maybe you can find something? All I have on my fridge now are the magnetic flowers! They make it look a little less stark. I will also admit there are a few things stuck to the left side of it still. Shhh


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