Thursday, December 6, 2012


"Peacocking: verb: to make a vainglorious display"

By the way, before we continue, I love the word vainglorious. That is totally my new word of the day.

I think my Christmas tree is peacocking. It is supposed to be Mardi Gras, but it has very much turned into an ode to bright birds and peacocks. But that is what I envision Mardi Gras is anyway so maybe I am not that far off.

Now my tree is Peacocking even more than usual because I made it some new decorations!

Well hello Mr. Peacock Feather!

Now before you get all worried that I went to the zoo and pinned down a peacock and plucked it, do not worry. Mostly because I am terrified of the zoo peacocks, but also because that would be mean :)

I actually found these packs of peacock feathers at the dollar store for $2 for three.

They are 100% made in China...which leads me to wonder why a lot of them were deformed? Anyway, I just beheaded them and then strung string through the stem.

I originally was using a pin to make my string-hole (I would have used wire ornament hangers but mine were in the locker and I didn't feel like going down there). The pin worked great, but threading the string was hard so I just started using a needle and thread. Worked great!

I also found these sweet little birds for $1 each. I had a few champagne-coloured birds on the tree already, but these colourful dudes fit right in!

I am not sure how many more decorating posts I will have, which is sad considering it is only the beginning of the season. But when it comes to seasonal decorating in a small space- less is definitely more and I have no plans to turn my home into Santa's Workshop. A tree, a mantle, and a chalk fireplace really makes it feel like Christmas in here!

But then again, I rarely ever stick to anything I say. haha

I do love my new dollarstore decorations, though!


  1. Awesome awesome new decorations! I love the little birds. And bonus for finding these all at the dollar store. :)

  2. Love all the glitz. Anything peacock is great with me.


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