Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One of a Kind Show and My New Baby!

I had such a good weekend! It was my niece's first birthday and it was so much fun watching her "open" her new toys and play with her baby friends! I also went to the dentist, but the only fun is that is I am cavity free for 26 years now!

Sunday my friend Sarah and I went to the One of a Kind Show! I happened to win tickets from Vanessa at Decor Happy so Sarah was happy to come along and use up my second ticket! We had a lot of fun and while I would love to share with everyone what I bought, they are all Christmas gifts so they need to stay under wraps! I originally didn't think I would buy anything since these shows tend to be very expensive (it's handmade stuff- so I don't fault them on that!) but I did find some great things for reasonable prices.

We also went up and down the food aisles more times than a person on a diet probably should. Sooo many delicious free samples!! I think I actually ate an entire bag of dried cranberries while Sarah examined the jams.

Sunday evening was spent knitting the never-ending scarf that I started two months ago. I have no idea how people knit these things in a week. Crazy town! Oh I also spent time drawing a chalk fireplace, cause I'm normal like that :)

You may have also noticed that the photos of my hallway were looking a lot better than old shots of my hallway:

Old Photo:

New Photo:

I am able to get much more detailed shots of my narrow hallway because I got a wide angle lens! Woohoo now I can make my fridge look all short and fat like in those real estate ads that are fooling no one.

But the REALLY big news is that I got a new camera!! Thanks to a certain family member who likes to update his DSLR often, I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D300s!
I thought the learning curve of this camera would hinder me from using it right away, but I actually find it more user friendly than my old one. Plus it is so much easier to change my ISO with this model, which it great in a dark home like mine!

All in all, it was a great weekend with a crazy Saturday being balanced out by a chill Sunday. Isn't that the best kind? I wonder how many chill days I will have left before Christmas is over?

How was your weekend?


  1. First of all, I'm jealous of you being cavity free for 26 years. I basically always have at least one cavity every time I go to the dentist.

    Secondly, I love free food samples and say hi to Sarah for me. If it's the same Sarah that I met that is...

    Thirdly, LOVE the new camera! Totally wish that I had certain family members who updated their cameras. Enjoy it!

    1. It IS the same Sarah! She's my favourite Sarah so if I mention one, it's probably her! haha.

      Im sure she will read this tonight! She reads your blog too! :)

  2. I also usually have at LEAST one cavity when I go to the dentist and I already use special toothpaste, have a Waterpik Water spray flosser, used with a mixture of Scope in it, special tooth paste to use a picky thing to put inbetween each tooth....so cavities - really...??? Why oh Why - Casey - you and I share the same genes! Not fair! (and much cheaper for you!)

    Ok - enough about teeth. LOVE your fireplace AND camera! Next time - I WANT TO GO TO THE CRAFT SHOW WITH YOU! xo Sheila

    1. I have no idea why my teeth are so good to me?? I think its the fluoride they put in the water or something (I drink tap water).

      Your last point is funny because as I was walking around the show I kept thinking "oh, auntie Sheila would LOVE this and that!" hahaha


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