Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Maximize Shelf Space in the Kitchen

I originally was working on a project for today's post, but my printer is being evil (it is 8.5 years old, which is like 162 in printer years, so I am hardly surprised). Sooo I decided to do a quick, fun, update on how I manage to live in a tiny kitchen!

Now, the biggest drawback to a small kitchen is not lack of floor space, but lack of cupboard space. In fact, I actually have a large kitchen compared to many of my neighbours here in the condo (I look at the real estate ads and compare units constantly). Regardless of how tiny your condo kitchen is, you have the maximize space!

I already showed these two great ideas:
Under Cabinet Storage
Knife Rack
I should also share the wisdom in only owning a few pots and pans, so that they fit in the drawer under the oven. I even slide my baking trays in the gap over the fridge!

But here is the easiest tip I can offer to storing all the dishes you own, because having a dishwasher means you won't wash them a lot...meaning you own a dishes.

 Cheap freezer racks!

I stole one of these racks out of my freezer and I think I got the other from the dollar store (if you can't find them in the kitchen aisle, try looking for a locker shelf in school supplies. This way I can quickly grab a plate or mug off the bottom and not have to lift 5 lbs of dishware to do so. 

And since I don't think I have ever shown it, here is my other cupboard:

Yup, I do not own a lot of dried goods. I can't even fathom owning a whole pantry since I barely fill this little cupboard up! I tend to grocery shop once a week so I just buy the ingredients I need for the week. Plus I store a lot of stuff in my fridge, since my fridge is so ginormous compared to my cupboard space.

Do you have a small kitchen? How do you store your dishes and food in it?

Also- does anyone else have an evil printer? grrr...


  1. We have a small kitchen, but not this small. However, our first year in TO, we lived in a condo that had a kitchen probably about the same size as yours. It was tiny and I cooked a LOT. There was one cupboard for dishes and one cupboard for food, just like yours. So, we stole space from the front closet, rigged up some shelves and created a pantry in there.

    I don't think I'll ever live in a place with such a tiny kitchen again... it just didn't work for me! Ours isn't that much larger now, but we have a huge pantry in the back room and I love it!

    1. Ya but i think cooking and buying food for TWO is worse than for one! I also like having a flattop stove because I use it as extra countertop.

      My friend once rented a condo that was huge, but the kitchen only had ONE cupboard. You could only put food OR dishes away. very weird.

      I at least have 2 cupboards, open shelves, large cupboard over fridge for big things (like my blender!) and then a small one over the microwave for cleaning supplies! I can fit a lot in here


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