Monday, December 10, 2012

Living Room Art

I have a confession to make. Back when I got my new Raskog Cart to hold my sewing machine and act as a side table, I actually ended up moving my TV stand a bit. That is because I had to move my couch to fit in the new side table, and I wanted the couch and TV stand to be as directly across from each other as possible.

The only issue with that was that my Toronto Poster was no longer directly over my TV. And it sat like that...for the past 4 months. The shame of it all!

So this weekend I actually got off my butt and moved it. The best part was that the old holes are still covered by the frame! Woohoo for easier than expected work!

Do you see what else I did there? (hint: its on the left side) Yup...I finally rehung the frames I took down when I put up my mirror over the couch! They had actually been sitting in my storage ottoman for all this time. I really want to empty all the stuff out of that ottoman so step one was doing this:

Now, there was a 6th frame that sadly did not fit. But considering I bought the frames for $2 each at the dollarstore and printed the photos ain't a huge loss. I love having these photos back up on the wall because each of them has such a happy memory. In order: My trip to Cuba, my brother's wedding, hanging out at Oktoberfest in Munich, my precious niece when she was so tiny, and my trip to Greece!

All in all this project took me only 15 minutes. Why the heck does it take me so long to start projects?

Now I really need to stop writing this post and get to that sewing project I have been ignoring!

What were you up to this weekend?

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