Friday, December 14, 2012

Like It, Love it, Loathe It: Christmas Edition!

Hello! Welcome to the 2nd edition of "Like It, Love It, Loathe It". In this series I am covering things I somewhat enjoy, love with all my heart, and absolutely hate, that I have come across in my day-to-day life. And since it is the Christmas season (coming to an end too soon!) I thought I would theme today's collection. Ready? Let's Go!

Like It:
Christmas Specials

I loooove the Christmas Specials on TV. Except all I have been able to find for the past couple of weeks is made-for-TV cruddy movies. Where are all the Christmas classics?! I mean, my dad has them on DVD, but I love the thrill of catching a favourite on TV. One time I have caught Charlie Brown's Christmas, but I think that was technically in November still! Oh and I always seem to find Frosty the Snowman, but that one is kinda "meh" to me.

Most importantly: Where is my Muppets Christmas Carol?

This is well known to be the all time best Christmas movie ever and I keep hoping to catch it. No luck. I am going to have to watch it Christmas Eve at my dads (he has that on DVD too- he gets me.)

Love It:
This gift bag I found at Winners:

Hahahahaha this thing SLEIGHED me. Get it? Sleighed? Christmas puns are amazing. I seriously could not pass up this bag. I actually do not have a gift that fits in it...but darn it I am going to make it happen!! Whoever gets the "Chillin' with my Snowmies" bag- I love you the most. I should have bought a second one to frame. For serious.

Loathe It:
The Eaton Centre Christmas Tree
What IS this thing? This is a TREE? I think someone got mistaken and accidentally built a giant cocktail umbrella. I haaaate this thing. Someone needs to teach the Eaton Centre how to embrace modern design without hiring Lady Gaga. Bah.

Anyone have any early Christmas plans for this weekend? I am having dinner at mom's and I am planning a super cool dessert that I can't wait to blog about (if they turn out!)


  1. Chillin with my snowmies! That's amazing. As long as National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation gets some air-time during the holidays, I'm good!

    1. You know? I really dont like that movie. I dont really like Elf either. I feel like im in a christmas minority!!

      BTW- after writing this post I actually saw an ad for muppets christmas carol. But its on Sunday at 6pm and I have plans :(

  2. I'm with you - I HATE the new Eaton Center tree. I was never really a fan of the old one (too sparkly and not enough actual tree for my taste), but I absolutely adore it compared to this new modern 'tree'. Ick.


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