Friday, December 28, 2012

Come Check Out My Crib

For my niece's first real Christmas (she was a wee little 4 week old last year and slept through it) I wanted to get her something classic that would last her for years to come. When I was at the One of a Kind Show in early December I found this great booth with handmade wooden toys. His prices were amazing, considering how expensive all the other goods seem to be there, so I knew I had found my man.

I finally decided on a toy crib for a babydoll, because I always enjoyed playing mommy when I was a little girl. Maddy is a little young for pretend play, but considering she has a whole year of growing up to do before her next birthday, I thought she might enjoy it by the summer or fall.

I picked out a beautiful plain wood crib. I had played with the idea of painting the crib, but it was beautiful in it's simplicity so I decided to make it some vibrant bedding! We can't have baby going cold, can we?

I started out with a fitted sheet for the base of the crib. In order to get the sheet to stay on, I made and attached straps that secure underneath! My goal was also to have washable and interchangeable sheets for this crib (if she ends up playing with this one day, I plan on making her some more sets.)

I wanted the blanket to have some weight to it, like a real blanket, so I cut up an old (washed!) hand towel that was stained and therefore slated to be tossed.

Then I sewed it between two pieces of fabric so that it was kind of like a poor man's baby quilt. It turned out great and because it is stuffed with a towel (sewed in place!), it can be quickly tossed in the wash!

For the pillow, I just sewed two small pieces together and stuffed it with cotton.

Doesn't baby look comfy-cozy?? Despite the fact that in all these pictures I had her in the crib upside down. sigh. haha

By the way- when did dolls become so hard to find? I first went to Walmart but they only had these life-like dolls that were TERRIFYING. So I went to Toys R Us and they had a whole bunch of dolls that "did" something or dolls that were for older kids. I just wanted a nice doll, that did nothing, and was a reasonable price! I was so thankful to finally find this one reasonably-priced doll for ages 0+ .

Maddy was super excited to get this amazing present from her Auntie Casey! First she bit Baby's face, then she walked around chewing Baby's hand for a bit, and then she used the crib as a step stool to climb on Grandpa's coffee table to get to the stuff she wasn't allowed to touch. Success all around! :P

I can't wait until she is older so we can play baby dolls together :) Second childhood for me!

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