Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Young House Love Book Signing

On Monday my friend Sarah and I headed to John and Sherry's book signing at West Elm! This was their only Canadian stop so we thought it would be super-duper busy, but it ended up being not too bad. I mean, it was BUSY, but not people-standing-in-the-rain busy. Which is good for everyone! Sarah got there super early and made a new friend while waiting, which was awesome cause I didn't arrive for another hour!

West Elm seemed a little unprepared- they weren't planning to start the line until 5:30pm (the book signing started at 6pm) but we started our own at 4:00pm and the store formally organized one at 4:30 when they realized tons of people were there. We had also been promised cookies and hot chocolate, but these didn't come out until AFTER John and Sherry came out, and they weren't the same awesome cookies that John and Sherry had tweeted about from backstage. boourns. The hot chocolate did look yummy though! I am eating healthy so I abstained (sigh). I also didn't realize it was just a signing and that John and Sherry would not be talking first. I was in Mexico when the original post about it appeared on their website so I missed that detail!

Also, West Elm was selling the books for $5 less than Chapters PLUS 15%! Sweet deal! Sarah and I had picked up our books on the weekend, but she got hers on a giftcard and I won 50% off my purchase at Chapters (yay!) so we weren't feel ripped off from buying ahead of time :P

We had a lot of fun hanging out in line!

Our new friend Jennie! haha

Sarah and I with our pre-signedbooks!

What happens when I'm bored

Pretending I am John and Sherry

They are here!

John and Sherry were sooo sweet in person and I am so glad we got to meet them! I sure hope they write a second book and come back!

And for my book review, I haven't read through the whole thing yet but it is amazing. FULL of projects that range from cheap and easy to more time consuming and pricy. And it is also full of clever ideas and tips and tricks!

Maybe I will be signing my own book some day...except it literally has taken me 4 days to take my clothes out of the dryer, so I don't think I'd ever manage to write it. haha


  1. This is Jennie, you're new friend.

    Wow you're quick! It's on my to do list for today but haven't started the post yet. I love that I made it onto your blog. :D

    And here is my blog if you are interested: the-canadian-housewife.blogspot.ca

    1. Well I didnt have a two hour drive home so I had a whole evening to write it!

  2. You might have just convinced me to buy this book, Casey! - Katie


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