Friday, November 23, 2012

Tips: How to Leave Comments on Blogger

I love when people leave me comments, but lately I have been noticing a lot of you being creative in how you leave your comments (or I am very popular with someone named anonymous) so I have decided to do a quick breakdown in how to leave comments in Blogger

First, write your lovely comment to me! The click on the drop down menu and you will see the following options:
- LiveJournal
- Wordpress
- TypePad
- Open ID
- Name/URL
- Anonymous

Now the first five you need accounts for. If you have an account with any of those sites, you can use that option to log into your profile and leave me a comment! I think it will also link to your website if you do that, but I don't have one of those types of accounts.

Now the MAJORITY of you use Anonymous. And I really don't mind because you often leave your name in the comment so I know who to send the love back to. But I want to point out that you can use Name/URL and leave the URL blank! That way your name will show up to me as having left a comment! If you have a URL you would like to have your name link to, please enter it in so I can go visit your site too.

I have been kind enough to remove Captcha from my comments, in case that kept you away from commenting in the early days of this blog. That stuff needs NASA scientists to figure out and Blogger has a pretty good built in spam control. Plus I monitor all the comments anyway.

I know there are other commenting programs I can install, but the Blogger one is basic enough and I have experienced a lot of problems on other blogs trying to log into things and comment. I just like to keep it simple and know who is visiting and if they have a site too!

Anyway, I just thought I would leave those tips for you guys! Thanks for leaving me comments :)


  1. I give this post a thumbs up! :)

  2. What's a URL?? (really!)

    1. Its the website name that you type into the address bar in your browser. Like


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