Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

On Monday evening I had big plans- I was going to sit at home snug as a bug in a rug and work on a new scarf I am knitting (I am trying a pattern!!). If you thought my life was all "Sex in the City", I hope this statement didn't shatter your image of what I do in the evenings.

But anyway, that all changed in the afternoon when I got a text from my friend Erika saying she was volunteering for the Mixology Contest at the Royal Fair and did I want to come out and get into it for free? Heck to the yes I did! So I waited for my friend Maggie after work and we headed out to the fair, which is conveniently located just down the street from me! I had to buy admission, but it was 2 for 1 after 5pm so I have another ticket that I plan to use on Sunday!!

Once we got there I picked the healthiest thing I could find for dinner.

I got a size small and there is a Coke Zero in there too so I saved SOME calories, right? ...right? *crickets*

After my delicious poutine, Maggie and I went in search of dessert (of course). I didn't buy any dessert, but Maggie made up for it by getting two! mmm they looked good!

Then I went in search of Erika, while Maggie went to the horse show. On the way, I passed all the usual fair do-dads like butter carving contests, giant vegetables, and a petting zoo. By the way- is that a lettuce???!

I finally found Erika at the best. booth. ever. Basically the fair has a cocktail mixing competition and this year they opened it up for visitors to the fair to try the drinks and vote as well. For $25 you got 10 drink tickets and they were NOT little samples, as we suspected they might be!! Also, I got in for free (it helps to know the doorwoman) so this was basically the cheapest night out I have ever had!!

There were 10 cocktails to try (I think?) I had corn dog flavoured, sno-cone, something served in an orange, apple bobbing cocktail, some cidery one, a chocolate one. And some others I forget. SO GOOD. Sorry- it was only Monday night so it is over now!! :( I wish I had known it was only one day because it was seriously awesome and I would have told everyone to come!

Sno-Cone Martini

Cidery one?
You voted by giving your beads to the best bartender. I gave it to corn dog guy because c'mon, the man rocked a freaking corn dog cocktail. That is impressive. There was a hot dog in there!!!!

Since Maggie was at the horse show and Erika was selling tickets, I was flying solo at this event (lame) but then a friend of a friend hooked me up with some other friends who were there and they were nice enough to let me hang out with them like some awkward 4th wheel :)

Finally, Erika joined me and we enjoyed a second round of corn dog cocktails (for free, since I gave him my beads, but double free since I didn't buy my own tickets in the first place. woohoo!). I stayed until they announced the winners (apple bobbing one and another I never tried) and then took my butt home because I had to work in the morning.

So that is the story of how my life in the city actually is pretty awesome sometimes! But I do want to finish that knitted scarf before spring (I am a terribly slow knitter), so I better start turning down plans. But maybe not the free cocktails type plans. Thanks Erika!!

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