Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Like It, Love It, Loathe It

Welcome to the first edition of "Like it, Love it, Loathe it"! I have decided to start showcasing some of the awesome, and not so awesome, things I come across on a day to day basis.

Let's Begin!

Like It:

This pillow from Structube

I saw this throw pillow on sale at Structube for $9. $9!!!! And I happen to have a father who has light blue walls and a burgundy leather couch in his newly renovated basement. I thought these pillows would look amazing down there. I even sent him the photo to see if he agreed and he did- which is probably the first time we agreed on a design aspect of his new basement. But then I went to Structube and they didn't have any :( The only location that had them in stock was in Oakville, and I ain't going all the way out of town to buy pillows. I wish Structube had their stock information online or let you buy online so I didn't have to walk through to cold only to have my heart broken. If you are in Oakville, I definitely recommend getting this pillow before they sell out!

Love It:

This project by 4 Men 1 Lady

I love this stencil! Think how awesome it would look in my hallway...if I ever cared to paint over my chalkboard wall, which I don't. What I really love about this project is that Michelle actually had this stencil on another wall, and she had stripes painted in this area. But she changed her mind and thought it would look better here. So she painted over the original wall, sanded this stairwell like crazy to get ride of the stripes (the paint left marks at the edges of each stripe) and then primed and stenciled all this. By herself. On a ladder. Over stairs.

That just takes guts, and the results look amazing. I think it takes a brave person to decide that even after putting sooo much work into a project, like the original stencil or painting the stripes, that in the end you aren't happy and you want to redo it. Kudos to you Michelle! Can't wait to see what you do with that freshly painted wall in your living room!

Loathe It:
This one is easy- I cannot stand my iMac at work. 

I am not even sure loathe is a strong enough word. This computer is only a year and a half old and I already need to take it in to the store for the THIRD time. I am pretty much ready to put Apple tech support on my speed dial. I am so thankful that I have a 3 year warranty, and their tech support people are really helpful...but this thing is just a nightmare. When it was only 6 months old I had to get the entire LCD screen replaced because it started flickering and fading on one side.

Now it has this issue of dropping the internet when backing up to the time machine. You know what happens when the internet drops? I can't do any work, I have no email, I have no access to the server, and my backup fails. It is sooo annoying. Every hour when it starts backing up I need to monitor it to quickly turn the Airport (the wireless connection) off and on so the backup won't fail. My only other option is to turn back ups off, which obviously isn't desirable. I brought it in once before to the Apple store but they refused to believe it was doing this because all it's scans are healthy. They wanted me to bring in the Time Machine and sever to test at their store. Clearly I can't do that because then my coworkers can't work. ARG! 

I joke at work that it is like musical chairs. I turn my itunes radio on while I work. When the music stops I know that the internet has dropped so I rush to reset it before the back up fails, and then turn the music back on and start again!

The worst part is that Apple tech support have no idea what could cause this. Our own tech people have no idea what could cause this. And it only happens on my computer. It is a mystery!

Last time I called Apple the guy said 100% bring it in and don't leave until they take it for repairs. But then I am out a computer for a few days. AGAIN. Maybe even longer since they don't know what the problem is. Plus I have to wait for work to get quiet so that it won't be disruptive to not have a computer. Buuuut....if it is quiet AND I don't have a computer I am going to be bored. I might even have to resort to doing the F word....filing... *shudder*.

So that is today's Like it, Love it, Loathe it. What are you feeling/not feeling these days? Anyone else not happy with their Mac? I feel like I am the only Mac-hater out there. haha   


  1. No matter how beautiful that stencil looks... DON'T DO IT! Stencilling is evil. :P

    But in all honesty, I LOVE that stencil too. Absolutely stunning.

    1. Haha I dont even think I have a wall left TO stencil!

  2. Would you like me to pick up the pillow?


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