Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Let's Shelve that Idea

So just two weeks ago, I tried to reorganize my shelves in the kitchen. But you know what? It still didn't really work for me. Mostly because my cookie cutters still didn't fit and I felt that the shelves always looked for cluttered!

Therefore it was time for some re-tweaking! That is always the fun when it comes to designing the look of your home- seeing what works and what doesn't and slowly getting to the right outcome.

Before my shelves looked like this:

And now it looks like this!

I decided that the original glasses were too cluttered, because they didn't match, so they got moved into a cupboard and I moved my baking supplies out to these shelves! I would have liked to have had the cook books on the lower shelf, but they are too tall for that shelf. Ah well...there is always a snag to the perfect plan :)

I got the jars from Walmart. The large ones were $9 and the smaller ones $5. The large ones hold cookie cutters (and they ALL fit with room to spare now) and flour. The smaller ones are sugar and brown sugar! The larger ones do not have an airtight seal, but I think flour will be fine in there- my condo has no air problems.

In the box is all the cooking bits from this post and the white and black tin is tea. Otherwise I just pulled my glasses out of my cupboard because they look nice and clean here. I know you shouldn't store glasses like this because they get dusty, so I will probably flip them over.

Here are some more shots. I sooo prefer the clean look going on up here to the jumbled look from before.

What do you think? I'm thinking of redoing the wallpaper back in there to something darker to set off the glass and white.


  1. It looks fabulous! I totally love the new look and think it's way less cluttered. Definitely a smart move on your part. And I like your idea of putting darker wallpaper up. I think it will stand out better than the light stuff you have now. But yes, a definite improvement.

  2. Much improved! Large mason jars are on my to-purchase list for my kitchen to function as grain holders, much like you have here!

    1. I am thinking of getting some more for grains as well!


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