Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jumbled Mess to Organized Beauty

Have you ever seen the open shelving in home decor magazines? They are always so perfectly organized.




I have open shelving in my kitchen. I also have a kitchen that is like 50 sq ft (if I am feeling generous). Therefore I can't realistically display my collection of bowls and water jugs and I need to store practical things on those shelves!

I try to keep is looking clean, but lately it has begun to look like this:

One of the problem is that I own probably 50 cookie cutters. This is great if I need dinosaur or martini shaped cookies in a pinch, but it is not so good for storage. See that canister lying on it's side? That is the bulk of my collection.

Recently my collection outgrew the canister and were taking up residence all over the shelving- not good. So I moved the plastic ones into the box o' stuff in my baking cupboard and I split up the remaining silver and copper collection into two clear containers. I then moved some other stuff to new homes (for instance the kettle that I never use got moved to under the sink). Now my shelving was clean and pretty again!

I put some of my favourite cookie cutters into the apothecary jar, which used to sit in my front hall.

Much classier now, no?

I actually have some fun plans for this bottom shelf (oooh just you wait!) but I need to source some supplies so we shall see when I get around to THAT.


  1. Much classier. :) I love that you have a huge cooke cutter collection. I have a bunch but never think to use them. What kinds of cookies do you make? Dan doesn't like gingerbread and that's all I can think of.

    1. Im not huge on gingerbread myself. These suckers get pulled out for sugar cookies and shortbread! and sometimes if I am feeling fancy, I cut out shapes in my brownies :)


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