Monday, November 12, 2012

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

Before I started my new treatment for my Alopecia, I was enjoying the look and feel of having my scalp be healthy again. The previous treatment has left it all red and peely and basically terrifying to look at. The new treatment will probably do the same, once I get a reaction (they increase the dosage every week until I start getting an allergic reaction to it).

So, while my scalp was looking beautiful and normal again, I asked my friend Lisa from Upset Apple Cart if she would want to help me with a little photoshoot. See, I don't have a whole lot of photos of me without my wig because I usually have my wig on at parties and such where people take photos. And the pictures I do have aren't very flattering for various reasons. I thought it would be a good boost to my self esteem to purposely take some glamour shots of me sans-wig.

Lisa instantly agreed to help and a couple of weeks ago she came over for our photoshoot. I wanted to do them outside but it was pouring cats and dogs so we were stuck with an indoor shoot. Oh well! We had a lot of fun and it was super awkward since Lisa is not a professional photographer (it is just her hobby) and I am certainly not a professional model. It helps that I made cookies to sugar us up.

Last week she sent me the photos (I think she did some light editing, but mostly these are the raw shots). She plans to photoshop up my favourites, but I certainly could NOT wait to share these photographs.

They are phenomenal.

Thanks Lis! I need to hire you again for some wig-on shots!!


  1. My favs are the shots with you on the yellow chair and the chalkboard!

  2. Wow! What lovely pictures! I really like the picture with you on the yellow chair and the last one :)Stunning!

  3. Only editing was light edits! That awesomeness is alllll Casey!

  4. Gee Casey - where did you inherit all that beauty from???

  5. Beautiful shots! You are just TOO cute! Pick some for Christmas gifts!! xo Sheila

  6. Casey, you look amazing!!! Vee :)

  7. awwww u so pretty!!!!

  8. Very, very pretty!!!


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