Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feeling a Little Crafty! {Felt Owls Ornaments}

Look at these cute owls!
Owl orns 1

I pinned these ages ago and I only just got around to trying to make one! See, I have a Christmas tree for the first time this year (even though I am still trying to give it away to my brother and sis-in-law who want to buy a new tree) so I need some decorations for it. And while buying decorations can be fun, I wanted to see how many I could craft!

This craft was made by Juicy Bits so please check her out for these and other fun crafts!

First thing I did was print off the pattern for these suckers. That meant I needed to set up my printer. I really need to get one of those wireless printers, but I have no idea where I'd put it, so I keep lugging down this 8 year old beauty from the closet when I need it!

Once printed, I cut those little pieces out. I think next time I might size it up a bit because this was so tiny and finicky! Plus, it would be fun to make big owls too (maybe for a certain niece of mine).

I then used my paper guides to cut out my owl pieces in felt (I used leftover felt from my flower magnet project). I am seriously going to be using this felt for a LONG time. haha. I stuck my hand in this shot so you can see how small this sucker was.

I then sewed on all the pieces to the front piece and then sewed on the back, leaving a inch or so at the bottom. After that you shove your stuffing up it's butt and sew it shut!

I didn't have beads for eyes, and I couldn't find that wavy ribbon anywhere, so my owl is a bit plain compared to the picture. And honestly? Not as cute. I need to try some different colours next time I think. Plus I forgot to add the ribbon in (the instructions skip it) so I sewed a strip of folded felt to the back. If you are thinking ahead you can sew it inside to the owl.

What do you think? Worthy of a Christmas tree? I would probably have to make like 50 more to fill up my tree. haha


  1. super cute! it looks like a minion from monsters inc

  2. Very Cute!!! Hum - so Christmas ornaments are on your Christmas list?? Sheila

    1. haha I cant wait until christmas for ornaments! and I think it will be fun to handmake all mine. plus i still might give the tree to luke and tammy if they want it

  3. hehe the minions are from Despicable Me, but i agree! and super cute!


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