Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Decorating!

I finally busted my way down to the locker room to find my Christmas decor! Yay! I decided to remove some of my fall decor on the TV stand and integrate more Christmas stuff because there are only like 39 more days until Christmas! Not like I have a Christmas countdown clock or anything... *coughcough*.

I plan on buying a small Christmas tree this weekend because I pulled mine out and discovered it is 7.5 ft tall. What was I thinking buying that giant?? That tree is going to move in with my brother and hopefully will have many happy Christmases with his family.

Now onto my new mantel!



My giant yellow turtle is spending his holidays on the "dining room" table/desk. I have replace him with Mr. Bird, who used to live elsewhere in the condo (hey, use what you got!). I also kept the pine cones because they are totally wintery. I added my tiny advent tree too!

It has cute little red, green, and white baubles that go on one day at a time. I moved them into this little dish I had because the tree comes with nothing to hold these 25 little decorations.

What do you think? Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? :)

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