Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things To Do When The Power Goes Out (and you live alone)

Because of Hurricane Sandy, I thought about doing a post on emergency preparedness, but I recommend you look at your own city's/province's instructions. Ontario's instructions for making an emergency kit can be found here.

So instead, I am going to make a list of things to do to entertain yourself when the power goes out and you live alone! I have had one long power outage at this condo once and I was b-o-r-e-d. This time if the power goes out, I want to be prepared!

1. If a storm is coming, charge all laptops, ipads, phones, etc
2. Download some books ahead of time. If night comes and the power is still out, it is much preferable to read a tablet computer than to figure out a comfortable way to read a book by flashlight
3. Get lost in a daydream
4. Eat all the ice cream before it melts
5. Learn to knit
6. Call your dad and see if his power is out and then complain about how bored you are.
7. Make funny faces in the flashlight
8. Practice your shadow puppets
9. Make cookies dough and then be all "oh no! I forgot I couldn't bake the cookies!" and then eat the cookie dough so as to not be wasteful.
10. Introduce yourself to your neighbours. They may have food
11. Write a love letter to your dream man
12. Drink all the booze in the fridge and dance to some ipod music
13. Practice yoga
14. Learn a new dance move
15. Try playing solitaire with real cards
16. Give up and build a card castle
17. Run up and down the stairs to get some exercise
18. Read my blog on your phone
19. Wish you had a wood burning fireplace to make s'mores in
20. Just go to bed

Ok, in all seriousness, please DO NOT waste your flashlight batteries, cell phone batteries, or get drunk. These are all terrible ideas in an emergency! 

However, eating all the ice cream is highly recommended. 

To everyone who is affected by Hurricane Sandy, please stay safe and listen to emergency instructions. Also please remember that if you put yourself in danger, you put the emergency personnel coming to save you in danger.

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