Monday, October 1, 2012

The $15 Fall Challenge

Ah the first day of October. To me this is "true fall" because in September I can still hope for an indian summer...but by October I give up and start hunkering down for the cold days ahead.

To celebrate fall (and to keep from crying into my summer dresses) I am part of the $15 Fall Challenge, created by Jeanette at This Dusty House. The premise of the challenge was pretty simple- create a fall vignette, where ever you like in your home! We can use objects we already have, but the budget for adding new things is $15 (hmm....was that obvious?)

I know I said before that I am not into redecorating every season, but I am willing to part with only $15 to participate in the challenge!

I chose to "fallisize" my TV stand!

Note to self- take better before photos. This is from May? But it still looks a lot like this, just with less of that beautiful natural light. Sigh

Reveals are going to be on Wednesday so please tune back in then and see what I did! Then check in with everyone else in the challenge to see how they did!

My Fellow Challengers:

Abby @ The Crabby Fox

Jeanette @ This Dusty House

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  1. I am incredibly impressed that you agreed to join us in this challenge even though you've taken off on vacation this week. I can't wait to see what you transform your TV stand into!


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