Friday, October 12, 2012

Random Things About Me

I am still on vacation, but I thought I would have a little fun today and just post some random factoids about myself :)

1. I can't fry an egg to save my life. The pan is a disaster after.
2. In university took a course in serial murder. My dad asked if it was theoretical or practical. I'm still not saying...
3. I don't like mayonnaise or smoothies. Or mayonnaise IN smoothies
4. I invented the word Thesaurical, which my coworker and I developed fully into thesauritate, thesaurisize and thesauregen. It is like a synonym, but the word you choose is bigger and makes you sound smarter. Spread the word, this is totally going to catch on
5. Growing up my Mom's nickname for me was Miss Mew and my Dad's was Googles. I am still waiting for Google to pay me royalties for stealing my name
6. On Oct 15th I will have officially lived in my condo for 3 years!
7. When my Dad reads number 6 he will call me and say "that can't be right."
8. I am allergic to cats and dogs, but I love animals so I forgive them
9. I am addicted to carbs
10. I don't drink coffee. I actually hate the smell and taste too so all coffee related things are out. Except Coffee Crisp. Those things are delicious
11. I get car sick/boat sick/plane sick etc. I think I hate coffee because my dad always drank coffee on road trips. Same reason Trident gum makes me sick
12. I have the same birthday as my Aunt.
13. I took a class in knitting 2 years ago and in that time I have made one scarf and 2 tiny baby blankets. All straight knitting because I can never remember where I am in a pattern
14. I have been a maid of honour twice, and a bridesmaid once.
15. I have my bronze cross in swimming, but I cannot dive
16. I have never broken a bone or even sprained anything. That will probably jinx me now
17. I got my tongue pierced when I was 17 and didn't remove it until age 22
18. I have never had a filling or braces or had my wisdom teeth removed.
19. I have giant feet (size 9.5)
20. I have never had surgery
21. I purposely set my alarm for 20 minutes early so I can hit snooze 4 times

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