Monday, October 22, 2012

I am a Basketcase(y)

See what I did there? As my grandma would say, "I made a funny punny". Ah, good times!

On Friday last week I went to Winners to buy a faux leather coat and new sheets for my bed. However they had pretty much no sheets in a full size (damn my tiny bed) and no faux leather jackets. I mean, I guess I COULD have bought a $300 real leather jacket, but for some reason I can think of a million better things to spend $300 on. Crazy. I know. I then realized that a Homesense had opened up across the street since the last time I was in that 'hood! I didn't find sheets there either (but I did get some new pillowcases), but I did get THIS.

See? If I had spent $300 on a coat then I wouldn't have the budget left to spend $23 on a basket. Priorities, people!! I love the look of wicker baskets and the large rope around the top of this one makes it look all Nantucket-y and it is just adorable. The only issue with the basket was this:

It had a divider down the middle! I have no desire to store a bunch of magazines or other skinny things in my new basket. I usually only keep a couple magazines on hand at a time and I pass on the ones I have read to friends. Therefore the divider had to go!

I got to work snipping.

It was pretty tough, as that stuff did not want to snap so I would jam my scissors in and use a bit of leverage to snap the wicker. The divider was only held on at the top and the bottom with these ties, so all in all it took me about 10 minutes to free it.

Hurrah! However, with the middle gone, the basket did kinda lose its only handle. I didn't mind too much because really, where am I going to carry the basket? Plus, with the wicker binding cut off on each end, the rope was freed a bit and it can totally be used as a double handle.

Finally, I put my new basket to good use- as a throw blanket holder!

See, I have this one amazing white throw blanket (that I have dubbed the world's softest blanket) but it never really had a spot to hang out when not in use. It was usually draped over my storage ottoman or over the couch, but it never really looked quite right there. Best news is that there is still room in the basket for a second throw blanket, and frankly I think my guests and I deserve separate blankets on movie night. ;)

I have been ogling the throws at West Elm for it too early to start my list to Santa?


  1. I LOVE the baskets at Home Sense! I haven't figured out where one will go in my place yet, but I look at them every time I'm there.
    To answer your question - No, I don't think it's too early to start your list for Santa - I have a Pinterest Board - 'All I want for Christmas' that I rename to 'All I want for my birthday' once December is over :)

    1. Oh my, that could get dangerous for me! Is there any way to pin wads of cash? ;)


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