Friday, October 19, 2012

Curtain Call!

Remember a little while ago (*ahem* July) I asked for opinions on removing the curtain as a divider between the bedroom and the living room? I simply love getting opinions on the blog, but in this case I listened but then got busy and didn't do anything about it. Oops. Well I finally got around to seeing for myself whether or not I prefer the room sans- curtain. Let me know your opinion on THIS!



Sorry for the awkward before and after. Basically it is now the season of no natural light so I used an old before picture. And then I had to use flash in the new photo so my floors are fantastically neon. haha! Also, ignore the curtain hooks still in the ceiling :P

Anyway, even though I will appreciate your opinion, I will end the suspense here- I LOVE IT. Maybe it doesn't convey in the photo, but the place looks so much bigger without the curtain. However now I feel my bed is all "hello there! I am a bed in the living room!" so it needs something.

Ideas? Footboard maybe or something?


  1. I'm thinking getting one of those room divider stand things but have the material something see-through, or at least light permeates. It'll look more structural and solid, but still let the air in.

    Like this!

  2. What about putting a bookcase at the foot of your bed? Added storage, plus a visual break from the livingroom to bedroom.

    1. Its a good suggestion, but I dont really need more storage and would just add bulk

  3. I like it better with the curtain. I dont really have any other suggestions though ha.

    1. Its kind of hard to tell in photos, but before the curtain hung a foot in front of the bed, like to the edge of the wall there. Now that it's gone its like my living grew a foot.

      I moved the coffee table/ottoman to that new space because the end of the bed isnt attractive. haha


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