Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cooking with Casey: Mexican Rice!

My friend Sarah technically invented this but I changed the ingredients and then changed the name. So now it MY recipe! haha

I love this one because it is delicious, fast, full of protein goodness, makes my tummy happy.

- extra lean ground beef (approx 400g)
- parboiled rice (1/2 cup uncooked)
- 1 can of corn kernels
- 1 cup of salsa (as spicy as you like!)

Start by cooking the rice. Since I use parboiled, it takes 17 minutes to cook. At around 7-10 minutes in, you can start browning your beef.

Once cooked, add the corn on to heat it up!

Then add in rice and salsa and mix it all up and cook. Will only take a minute or two to get everything nice and hot and mixed.

Then dish out and eat! This dish makes 4 generous servings and is great for lunch leftovers.

I entered the ingredients into Livestrong and got 308 cals per serving. Seems low to me, because it has huge portions and is super filling!


  1. Original name: special rice.

    1. psht, i change the ingredients, i change the name!

  2. I thought "special rice" was our cheesy rice with tomatoes....


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