Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bathroom Inspiration

Remember those bathroom reno plans I started talking about back in August? Ya, well I didn't forget. I did go to look a tiles one day, but I have yet to buy one stinking thing for this bathroom. I don't have a car! I can't just pop out to home depot to see what they have in stock! It is frustrating and overwhelming to not be able to get started. Without making any decisions, I can't fully plan this shindig out!

On the other hand, these constant delays have provided me ample time to Pinterest and ogle other bathrooms. I feel like I am finally narrowing the look I want, and I thought I would share with you where I kinda am now.


Recent bathroom makeover by Rambling Renovators

Guest bathroom by Freckles Chick

Ok, so here is what I am loving here
- White tile in the shower. I really like the long subway tiles and I am considering them. This Dusty House has this style as well so I think it is gaining popularity? Or maybe it was already popular and no one told me
- Glass accent tile in shower. Yes! I love some accent tile! But I would place mine more at eye level so I can stare at it :)
- Dark floors. I am loving the faux wood plank look in Freckles Chick's bathroom. However if I do long subway tiles I probably wont do that. Too much long tile
- Grey vanity. Why didn't I think of this before? I was so stuck on the options being wood or white that I didn't think of my other favourite neutral- grey!

So imagine the top photo, with the floor colour on the bottom and a higher accent tile. And a tub.

That is what I am loving on right now. But I really need to get to some stores, see things in person, price things out, etc etc. Who wants to drive me??


  1. I'll totally drive you!

    Thanks so very much for featuring our guest bath as an inspiration! I agree, staring at pretty accent tile in the shower is my idea of a good time so we did the same thing in this bathroom, HA!

    Jennifer's sister's bathroom is absolutely gorgeous, love that vanity color especially.


    1. I know, right? But she told me it was custom so I cannot steal it!


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