Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why Being Bald is Awesome

For an update on what-in-the-world I'm talking about- click here

So, I am nine weeks into my treatment. Nine weeks of rubbing stupid vaseline onto my head, sitting for long periods of time (now up to 35 minutes!) and then washing it off, only to have it get on everything and stain it. And really, I am not noticing any changes. I thought for awhile my peach fuzz was getting fuzzier, but it aint. In fact, I think I have defuzzed a bit.

It makes me sad. It's been putting me into a bad funk about having lost my hair all over again. Therefore I decided to write a list of why being bald rocks and I hope that this list will trump my sucky list that keeps playing in my head.

1. No shaving
2. No sweaty gym-hair
3. I can do my hair the night before
4. No wet hair in the winter
5. Wanna see if a hair colour looks good on you? Just try it on
6. I won't go gray
7. Random people stop and ask me how I get my eyebrows so perfect. Which is...odd. haha. I hope it's a compliment?
8. I can put on false eyelashes in 5 seconds flat
9. I still have my health
10. I can get tattoos of eyes on the back of my hair to freak my future children out
11. I can put my wig on my cat and call him pretty
12. I know my friends love me for me and not just because I am ridiculously good looking
13. I can't get lice
14. I can see the back of my head when putting curls in my hair
15. I only have to wash my hair every few weeks
16. Long hair today? Short hair today? Easy peasy lemon squeezy
17. No bed head
18. No hair on my face when I sleep
19. If it is in stock, I can try out a haircut before taking the plunge!
20. No roots
21. No visible dandruff
23. I can hide my tattoos at work, but impress people with my awesomeness at the beach or gym
24. I am aerodynamic

25. If these kids can rock out AND battle cancer, why can't I rock out just for being bald?


  1. I loved this - thank you.

    I am not bald, but I've got female androgenic alopecia, so I am getting thinner and thinner on the top, front, and sides. I found you through your comment about bangs on YHL, right when I was feeling sorry for myself because I no longer have enough hair in front to have the bangs I need to cover my huge (and getting huge-r) forehead.

    Then I come here and find someone who is drop-dead gorgeous and has less hair than I do, and who has a remarkable attitude about it even when she is down. So thank you, so much!

    PS - I LOVE your photo session pics. Absolutely beautiful.

    1. Hi Lori! Thank you for stopping by (and the compliment- I am blushing!)

      It's never an easy journey, but hopefully someday we can both just look back at laugh at these days of self-consciousness!

  2. "I can't get lice" bwahaha Hilarious!!! First time I've ever been to your blog.. totes love it.. I have so many ideas I want to do with my house.. keep sending the inspiration girlfriend..


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