Monday, September 17, 2012

Too sick to post

Ugh, do you ever just feel like poop and there is no direct cause? That is me today so the thought of uploading photos and writing about them just makes me want to die. I am pretty sure the cause of my sickness is beer. It is so weird, because I went to Oktoberfest last year and I practically bathed in beer, but as I spoke about at the Shawville Fair, something is always ruining my fun and making my tummy upset.

So I am done with beer. I really don't drink it that much- hence why I never solved the riddle before- but I am going to miss having it as an option!!

In good news, I did my Terry Fox Run! I almost died and it was a pure mental battle to hit that finish line, but it was pretty awesome looking back.

I'll update you all tomorrow, but for now I am crawling back into bed to sleep off this tummyache.

Update: In retrospect, this post is kinda whiny. But I didn't feel well so Im allowed to be whiny. :P

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