Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Great Canadian Tile Hunt

I did not forget about my bathroom reno, I just got lazy and put off the shopping part of it because I knew I would be overwhelmed with all the beautiful tiles and vanities!! This weekend I finally got out to Olympia Tile in Toronto to begin the long, scary hunt for floor and shower tiles.

See here is the thing. I want a new vanity top because mine is cheap and ugly. But then I measured and found it to be an odd size so I figured I'd just buy a whole new vanity in a style I actually liked (dark! legs! drawers!). But then I need to re-tile the floor because there aren't tiles under the existing vanity. Plus I don't love the builder basic off-white squares that I currently walk on! And THEN I was all "might as well re-tile the shower too because I'm not crazy about beige."

And that's how I ended up at a tile shop.

Now onto the tiles!! I'm gonna lay them all out here so you can get a vibe of the look that I want. The pictures aren't amazing because I took them on my phone and tried to capture price tags for reference later. I need 30 sq ft for the floor and 75 sq ft for the shower. Plus some extra just in case!

Lemme know which you like!

Wall Options:

Love this vein-y white and grey tile. I found this in the discount centre. It is $5.63 per sq foot, but that "extremely off shade" warning scares me. I don't want too much variation or it will look busy!

Simple white subway tile is a classic look! These were on sale for only $1.29 per sq ft so that would be a great budget option!

I also liked these double long subway tiles! Same price at $1.29 per sq ft and it might be a little fun and "different".

 These glass tiles were sexy to the MAX! So crisp and cool. I can't see the price. Mission failed. haha

 I loved this small glass tile too. Too busy by itself, but it would be a lovely accent. Thank goodness too because it is $13.80/sqft.

Next I found this beautiful greenish grey tile. I loved the varying sizes too! This would be a wall option as it is not for floors. $12.17/sqft

I also found these 3D type subway tiles. I love the punch they bring, but they would still be super easy to clean. Only $2.73 per square foot!

Floor Options:

These tiny hexagon tiles reminded me of the ever popular penny tile, but they are fun and different! They have been discontinued, but luckily I wouldn't need many if I wanted them. $4.26/sqft

I liked the larger hexagons too! A bit of a bigger style might too better in my small bathroom (floor, not shower) $4.47 per square foot!

Finally, these octagons with little squares was a style I actually went in to see. It did not disappoint, except it too was discontinued and was hiding by the side door. I almost missed them! Why are they discontinuing all the pretty shapes? These were $4.20 per square foot.

Apparently I only looked at hexagons/octagons for the floor? haha I think I need to go back and look at some other options one day, like nice grey/white tiles.

So those are the options I am mulling over my mind. Wondering if I should splurge on some or keep costs down and save money for my future forever home. After this I still have to find a vanity! Yikes!


  1. a) I heart marble, so I love the first option. I would be surprised if it ended up being too busy even if the ones you ended up with looked very different from the ones on display.

    b) We used those large sized 'metro' tiles in our bathroom:


    c) I love all the hex options for the floor.

    1. I read your bathroom reno months ago and completely missed that connection! They look gorgeous in your space! hmm lots of thinking to do!

  2. A warning about the hexagon tiles, especially the small ones: In a few years the pretty white around the hexagons will turn brown and then black. Dirt sits in them and can only be removed on your hands and knees (usually with a toothbrush in hand). This is because the borders are not even with the tile surface and so when you use a broom or mop the dirt falls into the borders. I have this problem in my current bathroom. If you love the hexagon look, I would go with the larger ones because at least that is less of the white border that you have to clean on your hands and knees!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I do hate to clean more than absolutely necessary. I wonder if some sort of grout sealer can prevent discolouration? I have no idea

  3. I'm a sucker for the bevelled white subway tile...probably why I have it in my kitchen :) Good luck with your choice!

    1. is that the one that is kinda 3d? I didnt know what it was called!

  4. For me, using the tiny hexagon tiles is a good choice. One advantage of using small tiles is that they can be easily replaced because they are easier to pry out than larger ones. Using these tiles also reduces the number of cuts needed to fit the shape of the floor. Finally, smaller tiles are usually more visually appealing because you can easily go with multiple designs and patterns to create a unique look.

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