Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Fifth Wall

If you are picking paint colours for your place you probably look around you- but do you ever look UP? There is another surface up there that doesn't need to be a boring ol white blank slate! Maybe you are stuck with popcorn ceilings and then this is only a pipe dream. Maybe you are stuck with CEMENT popcorn ceiling and are secretly crying inside ever since you realized there was wall up there crying for colour.

Some people think you shouldn't paint a ceiling because it makes the ceiling appear lower. But take a gander at this sexiness and tell me you don't want to reconsider:
House to Home

Apartment Therapy

Vintage Revivals

4 Men 1 Lady

Inviting Home


Chic Geek


Now I may be one of those people with cement popcorn ceilings forged in the depths of hell, but I do have a smoother surface over the kitchen and the bathroom!!! I don't think I will paint the kitchen (that would be weird with no walls, wouldn't it)...but I am eying that bathroom ceiling. Did I ever tell you my condo bathroom is only 7ft tall? Seriously, this bachelor studio couldn't be any less "loft-like" if it tried.

Ok, it has been five minutes and now I am totally considering painting the kitchen ceiling. I really need to buy a place with more walls.

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