Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My New Wreath!

So I can't technically hang a wreath on my door because it is "common property"- why should that stop me?

I love it! I made this wreath by buying a circular foam ring and wrapping some soft grey yarn around it. It looks like a lot of work, but it actually only took about an hour total and I just zoned out and watching TV while I wrapped.

I got the instructions for the flowers from take heart. Basically you take a piece of felt and cut out a circle (larger circle equals larger flower. These were about 6-7" in diameter). Then cut that circle into a spiral. Roll it up like a fruit-by-the-foot then hot glue the bottom. Voila! Flower! Check out the link above for further instructions.

I don't 100% love the ribbon I choose. I thought it would be preppy and cute, but it came off a bit too pink for my taste.

I made the "welcome" by bending some wire that I got in the jewellery section of a craft store. I did not do a superb job...but I think it is cute!

Cost Breakdown!
Wreath frame: $10
Yarn: $4
Wire: $5
Felt: 50 cents each
Ribbon: $1
Total Cost: $22

Not bad for a unique and stylish wreath! Plus I can always redo it for a different colour scheme one day!

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  1. That is totally cute! One suggestion if you redo the rinbbon - a thicker one might look a little bit better.

  2. This looks super cute! I love the Welcome with bent wire, that is clever and really gives it some charm.

    1. Thank you! I stole the idea off some hangers I saw on etsy ;)

  3. That's so cute!! I love the welcome wire, too. Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. thank you! i like it too, but I need a little practice before I can get the wire nice and smooth


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