Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My New Face Accessory!

No Mom & Dad, I didn't get any facial piercings (putting you through 5 years of my tongue-ring phase is probably enough for your lifetime) but I did finally get my new glasses! yay!

I found the whole process pretty intimidating. First, I considered all my options for styles before going to the store:

Should I go for something practical?

Something that clearly articulates who I am?

Or maybe something hip and trendy, like the celebrities wear?

In the end, I went with something simple and fun! But before I reveal, I will walk you through the process. I went to Lenscrafters because they have a HUGE selection, which turned out to be a blessing and a curse! I took a friend and I must have tried on 100 pairs. The store employees gave us a box to put the "maybes" in and left us to ourselves, which I enjoyed (I hate pressure to buy). So every time we liked a pair, they went in the box. At the end I had about 5 or 6 pairs that I liked. Then we went through them one by one to compare and we worked our way down to only 3 pairs. Then we did quick comparisons to see which was best (i.e. quickly switching up on my face). Lenscrafters will also take photos of you and put 4 side by side so you can make a decision, which was awesome but we didn't bother with.

Eventually we were down to two and I was torn because I loved one pair, but I wasn't sure about the black frames. We left the store to wander and shop and my friend kept telling me she loved them on me, they just took getting used to (she wasn't sure about the black at first either). Eventually we went back and I tried them again and had Lenscrafters take photos this time. I was finally sold! It didn't hurt that they were $100 less than the brown ones I liked. haha. Lenscrafters is super fast and I was able to pick them up in ONE HOUR! I had no idea you could get glasses that fast!

Since I only am going to wear these for work (to prevent eye fatigue from my giant computer screen) I was nervous for my boss and coworker to see them, but they both loved them! In fact, my boss raved for a good five minutes. So, even though Lenscrafters has a 90 day return policy (no strings attached!) I think I will be keeping these puppies:

I took these photos at work because that's where my glasses will live. And my work computer takes surprisingly good photos of me.

So here are my tips for glasses shopping
- Decide right away whether a large selection or small selection is better for you! A smaller store might be nicer if you are indecisive
- Don't bother shopping around. If you can't pick one after trying on 100 pairs, no other store is going to be different. The problem is you!
- Bring a good friend who will be honest with you. I brought someone and also was sending photos to another friend. Too many opinions confused me, though
- Take photos to help stay objective
- Look out for sales! My lenses were 50% off
- Make sure they not only look good, but are comfortable. Mine are super light and I adjusted to wearing them very quickly
- Remember that you will get used to a new style and won't think so much about it a week or two later. Kinda like some of my tattoos. haha

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