Friday, September 7, 2012

My Tips: Eating Healthy Made Easy!

FYI- This post is completely my opinion and not sponsored in any way.

Trying to lose weight or maybe even gain? Or can't figure out why you are gaining weight when you eat "totally normal" amount of food? There is an amazing free web tool that can help!!

With Livestrong, you can enter in all your details (age, weight, height, lifestyle) and then tell it how much weight you want to gain or lose per week and it will calculate how many calories you need to consume in a day to attain your goals!

So that is step 1. Step 2 is actually tracking your food intake and exercise using MyPlate to make sure you stay on track with calories. You just look up what you eat and enter how much you ate and it will track your calories!

Now say you ate an entire pizza for dinner. You enter it here:

Then it will show up here (this helps you see what time of day you may be overindulging)

Then you can track your overall calories here. The bar will turn red when you over-do it!

Finally, you can use this section to monitor fats, salts, and other delicious things.

You can also use the program for tracking your weight, water consumption, and other important things. The one downfall is building recipes ingredient by ingredient, but they now have a recipe tool so you only have to build it once and save it!


That's right folks, there is no harm in trying it out! They do offer a Gold membership for a fee, which offers a few more options, but I love the free version!

I just thought today I would share this because we have probably all jammed a lot of junk in our tummies over the summer and now it is time to hunker down before Christmas cookies come to town. :P

The other news, my favourite food ever is Chicken Dolsot Bibimbap and The Toronto Star just tested the calories and it is saddening. Check out the article- you MAY recognize the person interviewed!!


  1. I've always used (off and on of course which is why I've had very little success) Calorie Count. It's free and has a huge support forum and tries to emphasize healthy habits over dieting.
    But I'm bad at self control so hence why I ate a crap ton of pasta last night. Hmmm...

    1. I had pizza last night. But I didnt eat the WHOLE pizza, so yay!

      I like this site because you can totally eat crap as long as you balance it out.

  2. I use My Fitness Pal, and have a step counter called FitBit that is connected, so it tracks how many stairs I climb, Steps I take etc and then I track my food and water and the FitBit syncs with MFP and tallies my calories!! So if I walk a lot then I can eat more !! YAY :)

  3. I seriously can't believe your fave food is chicken dol sot bibimbap...because one of mine is veggie dol sot bibimbap. What a weird coincidence. I just had it at my favorite hole in the wall place on Monday! The place is called "Japanese Oriental Restaurant" but they have great Korean food. Haha.

    1. It shouldnt be that surprising- it is the most delicious food ever! people who say it isnt their favourite must have never tried it


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