Thursday, September 27, 2012

Airport Etiquette

As most of you know, I am planning a trip to Mexico and it is coming up soon! So I thought I would do a little blurb on airport/airplane etiquette because if we are all nice, then flying is nice and we are all happy happy happy!

1. Outfit is Key

Keep in mind two things: plane and security. You want to be comfortable on the plane! I am not talking wearing your PJs (but all power to you if you do) but just being comfortable. The other key part is that you have to go through security! So leave the metal accessories at home, baby. You may also need to remove your shoes so try not to select the ones with buckles and straps etc. I will not be a happy camper if I am stuck behind you.

2. Carry On Luggage should be small
This is actually labeled on the site as a carry on. good lord
You only need the bare necessities for your flight in a carry on, along with an emergency change of clothes in case your luggage is lost. Heck, even just emergency underwear will do. A bag this size will NOT fit in the overhead. And if it does, it means there is no space for my reasonably sized carry on.

Be sure to remove everything you want for during the flight before you stuff that carry-on up above. I hate having to continuously move during a flight because you want a book/ipod/snack.

3. Do Not Pack "Illegal" Items
Please please please take the time to review what you can and cannot take on a plane. Checking through carry-ons over and over slows down security and makes me antsy.

4. Traveling with Small Children
These people had no enemies on their flight after this

I am not going to be cynical here because children need to fly and I understand that. However you need to plan for hiccups in travel. It may happen that your flight is delayed because of weather, so you may want to consider an inflatable pillow, a blanket, snacks, and small games to entertain them. Same goes for the plane! Kids can't help having ants in their pants or being unable to pressurize their ears on ascent and descent, so please work hard to keep them happy and entertained for the flight.

5. Preparing for your Trip
Make sure everything you need for boarding that plane (tickets, passport, money, etc) is easy accessible and in your purse or carry-on. This way we can all check our luggage and get our boarding passes faster.

6. Be considerate of other people. This is especially important during delays at the airport. Don't take over 5 seats to have a nap when other people are stuck sitting on the floor. We are all in this together and we all just want to get to our destination!

7. Share that armrest!

What other tips can you think of? Any airport horror stories?


  1. Good list! I will disagree on the carry-on thing though. If you're only flying for a weekend, packing everything you need in your carry-on and skipping checked luggage is absolutely acceptable. Most airlines allow a size that is big enough for a weekend bag as well as your bag/purse. (One in the overhead, one under your seat.) Making sure you're within the size limit though? Crucial.

  2. Ya I guess I have to agree with you on that. I just get really annoyed when it takes forever to board because of people standing the aisles trying to shove giant bags in there. And then I go to put my bag away and there is no room left!


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