Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Pictorial World

I am going to take a trip down memory lane today and show you guys where I got one of my favourite items. An item that sadly lives a little out of the way right now (and one day I will fix) and so people don't often see it. I have shown this shelf before, but I have never explained what is on it!

This shelf is over my bed and currently holds some of my favourite books, pictures of loved ones, some art my mother made years ago, and this random piece of newspaper in a giant frame. Hmmm....let's take a closer look at the looks old...what's the date on it?

Yes, this is a 134 yr old (almost) piece of newspaper! It is a page pulled out an English paper- "The Pictorial World".  It is hard to find information on, but at the time I found it I was able to contact the British Archives and they told me that they had a complete set in their files. So I decided to keep it for myself! I got this for free a few years ago. I was working at a municipal recycling center and I found it randomly in an emptying filing cabinet and asked if I could keep it. I am guessing someone found it in the trash and saved it!

All I can find on this paper is that it was published from Mar 7 1974 and July 9 1892. Now, mine is not great condition, so I don't think it would be worth anything. It is neat to see the holes in the binding, meaning it was held by string or something!

I love the pictures on the front. They really give you an idea of life back in 1878.

Behind the Scenes in the Paris Exhibition: Morning Work in the Champ de Mars

Picture 1: The Paris Exhibition on the Bridge of Jena "Ninety in the Shade"
Picture 2: American Scenery: The Devil's Gate in the Wahsatch Mountain

Yes, there was something GLUED to the front and I carefully peeled it off to reveal the photo.

On the back, there is information about book, music, theatre, etc. This newspaper was for artsy folk, not hard-hitting news.

But here is the mystery! In the 1940s (I think), someone glued photos of a class reunion from 1879 on the back! So at that time, it was already a very old paper and someone glued pictures on it? Was it something to do with the reunion- like was this paper in a time capsule? We will never know!

I did find a Boothville Primary School in the UK, so did this travel with someone to Canada?

My grandparents came from England in the 1953, so it makes me smile to think this paper made the same trek that they did all those years ago. Interesting fact- due to the timing of my birth and my mother's citizenship, I am actually a British citizen. But I don't have a passport yet :P

So does anyone have any advice on how to better preserve this newspaper? Yes, I do want to move it someplace more prominent, but then I need to find something else tall to balance out my shelf!

Do you have any old artifacts in your home?

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  1. Cool and interesting, thanks for sharing!

    I'm the oldest artifact in my home :)

    Seriously though, I do have a wooden "letter box"
    that my Great Grandpa had in the 1st war (I think) - so your GREAT Great Grandpa . Austin was also given a antique watch on a chain, from my Dad, passed down from his Grandpa. Sheila


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