Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Switching Things Up

I read a lot of blogs and they are all "I have redone my mantle for fall!" and I think either

1. You just spent money on a bunch of stuff you are only going to display for a couple of months and then put in storage?
2. You decorate for fall??

haha- I don't decorate my place for any season (well except Christmas!) because I just fill it with things I love year round! It might be summery with its bright colours, but isn't that exactly the feeling you want in the winter? Summery happiness?

So you will rarely find me making a tablescape or changing up my table decor (I don't have a mantle), but you WILL find me adding new accessories now and then and changing the look of my place using what I have on hand. This week I did a little of that! The first part was something small and that I have been ignoring for awhile.

I have been using this ceramic container (I think it is ceramic) for the past three years to store my cooking utensils. I never use this back burner, so don't worry about the placement. Cooking for one doesn't usually involve four burners! This container was given to me from my cousin when I moved into my first place and it has tiny red fleur de lis on it. Except red isn't my thing, and on the other side it was sporting some snazzy 80's kitsch:

I never gave too much thought to replacing it, but the other day a plant on the balcony met its untimely demise (*cough notmyfault cough*). Suddenly I had this pretty pot from Ikea with nothing to hold! So a quick swicharoo later, I have a new utensil holder which is much more my taste!

Another change I have made was one I discussed back here, which involved the curtain at the end of my bed.

I couldn't make up my mind as to taking it down or not, but now I am trying a new angle, which is actually using the curtain to make my bedroom feel a bit more enclosed and private. I definitely think that the curtain itself needs to go because I'm not feeling it, but let me know how you think about this new look!


  1. I like the curtain down like that and think you could maybe attach a small ribbon on the wall side if you have guests over and need more seating space to open up the bedroom.

    1. There is already a hook and some string on the wall. Ribbon WOULD probably be nicer. haha

  2. I agree with Lisa! The curtain hung down looks good, and you can always pull it aside when you need to. As for the curtain itself, I don't mind the pattern but I can see how you might want to switch it up. You have a lot of fun, awesome patterns going on in the living area, so my preference would be for a more simple curtain. Maybe something with simple, chunky vertical stripes (you could make it yourself... get two colours you like, cut two panels of each, and sew them so they alternate)? Anyways, that's just what sprung to mind for me. I like the idea of keeping it somewhat sheer, though, so as not to close off the space *too* much.

    1. I agree on the simpler curtain. definitely sheer. I would probably buy one though because if i sewed there would be seams and Id i buy they can use some sort of curtain-painting machine to put stripes on it!

      Thanks for the input!

  3. Just a thought but how would mesh look instead of curtain material, if you can find it. I'm thinking it would add another texture to the room.


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