Monday, August 27, 2012

Seeing Things Through New Lenses!

I had myself an extra long weekend this past weekend and it sure was a mix of highs and lows! Luckily, more highs :)

Friday I went to visit my doctor and I got a shot. My poor arm! And then after that I had an eye appointment downtown. Now, I haven't seen an eye doctor in 3 years and last time was testing for keratoconus, which is an unfortunate eye disease with a genetic link, so I needed to get tested. I thought I was good to go on that three years ago (negative test!) but now my new eye doctor says it can still appear late into your thirties, so I have to keep going.

I have never worn glasses or contacts, but at this appointment I found out I need glasses!!!! Just for work, but I am still majorly bummed out about it. I haven't bought any yet because I need to bring a few friends. It took me two years to pick a paint colour, so I doubt I can pick an accessory for my FACE by myself.

In other lenses-related-news, I got a new camera!! Well, new to me but she is a beauty.

This is my new Nikon D80!! I also have a couple of lenses too. I should point out right now and while I did take a class in photography, I have no idea how to use this thing. I am hoping that by learning to use this thing I can get some nicer photos up on the blog and I can have more editing options, since I can work with raw files.

I love being able to zoom really far now too. I took some shots off my balcony this weekend. Before (with my old camera), this was the best shot of the water I could get:

But today I was able to get this!

Pirate Ship Spotted!


  1. a) Welcome to my world! I've been wearing glasses since I was 7, contacts since I was 14. It's a pain, but you get used to them and the alternative is waaaaay worse.

    b) YAY for getting a new camera! My world has been slightly revolutionized since I got mine a year and a half ago. At the time, I bought a very low end DSLR, insisting I didn't want to spend TOO much money in case I never actually ended up using it. Ha! I shouldn't have worried about that at all.

    May I give you a tip/suggestion? Get off the auto setting ASAP. Don't let a digital camera and things like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed intimidate you. You can always delete the shots that come out really dark and really bright, so just go ahead and jump headlong into figuring it all out! It's worth it, trust me.

    1. haha Thanks! If I end up wearing glasses full time I am for sure getting contacts. Or laser! But for now it's just while I am at work.

      I am trying out the manual setting! I am trying to remember what I learned about F-stops in my course two years ago and watching a lot of instructionable videos on youtube. Ill get there!


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