Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Mirror! (and a cute baby)

If you remember from a couple months ago, I was looking to put a mirror over my couch. The winning "style" from those polled was a starburst mirror. Here was the photoshop mock-up from then.

That particular mirror is current sold at Sears for $399.99! Now I don't know about you, but I don't exactly have an extra $400 lying around for mirrors. So I spent a lot of soul searching debating between a DIY mirror or a store bought one.

Michelle over at Ten June DIY'd a similar mirror with bamboo and it is beautiful and organic.

See how she did it here: http://www.tenjuneblog.com/2011/01/go-big-or-go-home.html

But I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to make one. It would be a lot of work and I find spray painting very intimidating in a tiny condo!!

However, in my journey I finally came across this!

$49.99 is my kinda price! On Friday after work I went over to EQ3 and I picked up one of these in silver! They also have another style similar to my inspiration photo, but in person the discs are metal, not glass or mirror, so it wasn't as nice.

Here is my new baby up on the wall!

It was very easy to hang because it is super light and therefore only required one nail. The only issue is holding it like a pancake and slapping it on the wall because there is no way to hold it. haha

I love the things it reflects- my flower, my poster, and when I am sitting at the table it reflects another piece of art!


What is funny is that when I moved the couch to put in the Raskog cart, I didn't even notice all the photos hung above were totally off centre! Seriously, it took me a week! Now I need to find somewhere to put those picture frames. They cost $2 each at Dollarama and I printed my own photos. No way am I wasting that $12 investment!

So that was my first baby of the weekend, and here was my second!
Bathing Suit Model

My Condo is "Clothing Optional"

I was watching my niece on Saturday! Now, usually she is the happiest baby that ever lived, but on Saturday she was grumpy baby!! Don't let these cute photos confuse you- this little bundle cried all night and when Mommy and Daddy came back late at night to wake her up and take her home she was all smiles again!! Tricksy baby. Tsk Tsk. But we did have fun going swimming in the condo building and going to look at ducks at the park. Just the being at home part was rough.

I even got this cute video of her destroying my camera:

Last time I babysat her we hung out in the condo, but I think in a condo my size it was smart of me to plan swimming and a park trip. Babies get bored so easily!!

These people who say they have a baby in a studio apartment are crazy. I had to move the playpen to the front hall so it would be somewhat dark when she slept, and then I had to use my computer in the dark, making sure the screen light didn't reach her. I didn't want to risk waking up Ms. Grumpypants!!

Gosh darn it, look at that face! I can't stay mad at her!


  1. I LOVE the mirror! I have seen that original one somewhere else...maybe IKEA? The Brick? Leons? Anyhow - yours is much nicer! And the price is right! Looking great!!! Sheila

  2. Nice! That mirror works well!

    And look at that cute little chubby wubby face- I just want to sqeeeeeeeze her!

    How old is she?

    1. almost 9 months! and yes, it is impossible not to pinch those rolls!!


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