Monday, August 6, 2012

Long Weekends: So much expectation, so little love

This has been some long weekend. And not all bad, but certainly not the relaxing 3 days I had expected. First on Friday I decided to go to Ikea. So I took the subway to Kipling Station near my work and I wanted to take the shuttle bus. Now, for those of you who don't live in Toronto, we have two Ikeas and each run a free shuttle bus from the subway. The Leslie station Ikea is close enough to walk, but from Kipling I needed the shuttle.

But I couldn't find it!! I searched high and low and there were no signs and no indications of where this phantom bus would show up. Eventually I found a fellow searcher and she called her husband, who works for the TTC. He said to go where the taxis are. So we go there and it is about 40 degrees in the shade so we stand under the one scraggly tree there. Finally we see it coming- BUT IT STOPPED WAAAY DOWN THE ROAD. Shoot, we ran like heck and we finally caught it. This is why it was hard to find- this was the only notice for miles around.

See the sign? Right there on the back of that white sign. haha. And in case you are at Kipling station wondering where the shuttle is- it is out the west exit where the kiss'n'ride is. Then you walk WAY FAR AWAY until you think "this can't be right", but you're almost there! Here is another shot for perspective:

You can see the white bus down the road there. I am about half way back to the station. Ridiculous.

So I bought a few small things. I really wanted the Raskog kitchen cart but they didn't have any. I am actually thinking that they haven't stocked it at all yet. But website says they stock this week and I signed up to me emailed when they are in. Isn't that a neat function? Ikea, you may have been out of stock on my item at both locations, but you redeemed yourself a bit with that option.

Then I went to my friend's place and they treated me to All You Can Eat sushi as a thank you for staying at their place and taking care of their kitties this weekend.

Saturday my friend Sarah and I went for a walk in the beaches and relaxed in the sun. It was a heat alert, but we Canadians are like the postal service: "through rain and sleet and snow (...and a heat wave)". We sat on the beach and watched this going on. What sport is this? It was a guy flying from the sail on a sailboat. I called it Para-Sailboating. Cause I am clever.

I then went home for a nap. When I woke up I was SO SICK. I think it was from the sandwich I got a bakery by the beach, but I don't know. I was sick all night and it just ruined my Saturday night plans of ordering pizza and watching Jurassic Park. Sigh.

Sunday I woke up feeling much better and I went to Home Depot to look at door options for the front hall. I HATED all the choices for sliding. I will not be going that way unless I find something better. My lord! And I am still not sure on bifolds, though they will save some space...any further advice? I wish I had a real estate friend who could tell me the resale value of large doors vs. bifold in a front hall. hahah

Sunday morning, also, I woke up and my computer had a flicker across the top. My brand. new. computer. So I called HP and I spent an hour on the phone with tech support (a lovely young gentleman from India) and he fixed it!! yay!! Turns out it was from a static charge or something. Thank god I don't have to send it in for repairs. That would have been a post all in caps lock.

Anyway. Now it is Monday morning and I have plans to just go shopping with some friends and relaxing. Do I have to go back to work? This weekend has been full of ups and downs but I have hopes that Monday will be all ups!!

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