Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Really Need to Stop Reupholstering Things {Front Hall Stool Makeover}

Sometimes I get bored. And lately when I get bored I start to reupholster things in my condo. I cannot stand factory standard fabric, apparently! See my chairs and ottoman here and here. This week I decided to do a free makeover and redo my front hall stool using materials on hand.

Now, I got this stool as a gift from my dad before I got my front hall Rast as I needed something small to sit on to put on my boots. Honestly, I really use it to throw my purse on. haha. I remember my dad being so frustrated trying to find something short enough to easily sit on, but was open underneath so I could store my boots.

Aw it's so cute and barren.
Once my Rast dresser moved it, the stool has been moving from wall to wall in the front hall. I still use it, so I want to keep it, but it does tend to get in the way (Hence the drive for new doors). Right now it lives on the wall opposite from this spot, under my mirror. That mirror, by the way, covers my fuse box. It was impossible to find such a perfect mirror that would fit over, so it is never leaving (score another find for my dad!).

So, I decided to redo the stool a bit, because leather isn't really my thing. I may paint the legs eventually, but for now the dark wood goes well with the dark wood mirror. I have no before shot on that wall. haha. bad blogger.

I pulled out all my scraps and went through each to see which I liked best:

I love the material in option 1, but because my yoga bag rests against this stool, I thought it would be way too matchy-matchy. I thought option 2 would be the winner, but I didn't like the grey with the wood...and I thought some colour would be fun. Options 3 and 4 also didn't go with the wood legs.

But option 5 was perfect!! The brown in the pattern was a great match. I have used this material a lot throughout the condo, so it may be time to retire the pattern, but at least the front hall is far enough away that it won't compete. the 2 metres I bought has really stretched!

So I took off the seat, stapled my material on and reset it up in my front hall. I love it!

You can see how the location of this stool causes a problem when opening the closet door (that is where my laundry is so I have to get the door fully open). But I have gotten some new suggestions on that front and I am still looking for solutions!!


  1. it's cute! the back of your door is bare. you need to make a yarn wreath like moi :) so cute, so cheap :D

  2. Great makeover! I love the new fabric you chose. It compliments your yoga bag nicely. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your visit.

    1. Thanks Brandi! Great to get a visit from you too!


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