Friday, August 17, 2012

My Tips: Travelling on Public Transit

Ok, today's tips are for people just moving to the city, or perhaps visiting from out of town. Or even just people who have lived here all their lives but are ignorant of social norms. a bit snarky there ;)

As I may have mentioned before, I do not own a car. I estimate this saves me $500 a month in insurance, gas and parking, so I am quite happy with my decision to use public transit. However once and awhile I am grumpy, and people on the TTC drive me nuts. So I am compiling the "Rules" that my friends and I agree on when it comes to using public transit

1. Don't be pushy and start running because the subway train is there. They come every 3 minutes. This is not an emergency

2. Stand off to the side and let people OFF the subway before you enter

3. Do not block the doors if you are on the subway and people want off. Simply step off and stand to the side and re-enter when the coast is clear

4. Try not to bring a large stroller on the TTC during rush hour. I totally understand the need, but it is just impossible and even you will get stressed out trying to get on the subway (FYI- bikes are banned during rush hour on the TTC. I think non-working pets too)

5. Take off your bulky backpack if it is crowded. It takes up a lot of room and hits short people in the face

6. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. That's just gross

7. No clipping your nails!!

8. I am fine with people eating on the TTC, but try not to eat stinky foods. Or foods that smell delicious and make me drool

9. Use your indoor voice

10. Leave room for others to sit. We are all tired at the end of the day! So try not to take up two seats with your bag, or with the way you are sitting. Also, try not to sit on the aisle seat when the window seat is free- I just find that annoying

11. Escalators- this one is key- have rules! You stand on the right and let people walk on the left. This is a rule for EVERYWHERE but few people know it. It makes the flow so much nicer

12. If taking the streetcar, please look for cars when you exit, I don't want you to die

13. How did I miss this one earlier- get up for people who need a seat more than you! This could be the elderly, the blind, the infirm, a pregnant woman, or even someone with small children

14. Take your garbage with you.

15. Move as far back as you can on the bus or streetcar when it is busy. Heck, even on the subway you should move away from the doors. I've been on ridiculously cramped subways with giant luggage and I have always managed to get off at my stop

We are all in this commuting thing together, so let's all be polite!! :)


  1. Awesome!

    I totally agree with #s 10 and 13. Shucks, who am I kidding?

    I was nodding my head in agreement with all of them!

    I wish Hawaii had a better transit system. When I was living in California I was able to take the trolley and bus to/from work, school, and home- even a night out on the town! It was wonderful!

    The bus system here takes WAY to long to get anywhere.

    Anyway- #7 was my favorite. I think nail clipping should be a home activity, exclusively. It grosses me out when people clip their nails in public. The sound drives me nuts!

    1. The sad part is that #7 happens enough for me to put it on the list. Just disgusting. hahaha


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