Friday, August 31, 2012

My Tips: Small Kitchen Storage

My kitchen is small. It is 6.5' by 7.5'. That's under 50 sq ft people! It isn't even a room- it is like a kitchen corner. Casey's Citchen Corner!! I also have a full size fridge, full sized oven, a microwave, a double sink, and a small dishwasher in that tiny space. Therefore I have had to get creative with storage.

This photo is a little outdated, but my kitchen is not photo-ready right now. haha

For instance, I have one cupboard for dishes, so I used a small metal shelf to store even more! I put lesser used items on the top shelf, like mixing bowls, my liquid measuring cup, and some travel mugs and plastic bowls for the patio. To help fit more glasses on the 2nd shelf, I vary them up and down (they taper downwards).

I store my larger cooking items, like Pyrex dishes and my blender above the fridge, along with Tuperware here too on a shelf! I usually keep small Tuperware at the bottom and larger at the top, but apparently right now all my Tuperware is MIA.You can also see that I slide my baking trays and other pans (like a brownie tin) in the small gap above my fridge.

Under the sink is a bit of a nightmare. I did already show the sliding garbage and recycling system before, but on the other side I store a lot on the back of the door. I have a hanging basket for small items and I hang a folding stool from a large command hook. I haven't figured out any option for the back corner yet (it's all pipe-y and awkward) so I just store my giant soup pots back there.

Lastly, in a tiny kitchen it is important to eliminate clutter. Because I have open shelving, I chose to use them more as display than anything else. I keep my drinkin' glasses up here on the top shelf. I also keep my kettle up here, my cookbooks, and lastly that silver square is a jar of cookie cutters (the jar doesn't fit upright. I love making cookies and I love having fun cookie cutters! I need to find a short, fat container for them so they can be on display.

As for other cupboards, I have one similar to the dishes one that holds dry and canned goods, a small one for baking supplies and over top of the microwave is just cleaning supplies! I also keep a lot of food that doesn't need to be refrigerated in my fridge because my fridge is giant for only one person!

Do you have a small kitchen? Send me a link so I can steal your ideas!

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  1. Having a small kitchen is more easy to maintain and organize. As long as everything needed is in there.Great job for having an organize kitchen.


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