Friday, August 10, 2012

My Tips: Getting Your Duvet Cover On!

I actually took pictures of how I make my duvet, but honestly it is a giant white piece of marshmallow and every picture looks identical so I will just describe how I get the cover on after washing!

My duvet cover is the white pintuck one from West Elm. It is organic cotton and oh so soft and loveable. It also totally rocks the wrinkled look ;). I think Target has a similar style if you are on a budget! But we don't get Target until next year, so West Elm it is. I have had it for about a year and I wash it every couple weeks in order to keep it nice and white. Yes, I use a duvet in the summer months. I like weight on me when I sleep- I hate just a sheet!

Anyway, I have had a duvet ever since I was a kid and making them and keeping them made was always a hassle. I used to crawl into it to get the corners done, but I certainly don't have room for that here! So this is my small- condo guide to duvet making.

I am going to give away the secret now that will make your life bliss with a duvet- sewing ties in the corners. I have no idea why this never occurred to me before, but my West Elm duvet came with these and they have revolutionized my life!! They hold all the corners in place and I never have a bunched up duvet! Just sew a couple ties into the inside corners of the duvet cover- super easy sewing project!

So, to get your duvet cover on by yourself, in a tiny condo

1. Lie the cover out on the bed, open side at the bottom
2. Make sure your duvet is in the right direction (tag at the bottom)
3. Reach inside the cover and find the corner tie at the top (left or right)
4. Pull duvet in and tie corresponding corner on
5. Repeat for other top corner
6. Shimmy the side down and tie on the bottom corners
7. Button, zip, or do whatever to secure the bottom
8. Grab two corners, get up on the bed and shake it out! Turn it as you go so it gets settled on each side
9. Lie duvet on bed
10. Take well deserved nap

There ya go! No crawling necessary and it will remain perfect until the next time you wash it!

In other news, just a reminder to donate to my Terry Fox Team for cancer!! My run is on Sept 16th and I actually think I might run it this year. I say this every year. So ya...we shall see. But if not, I will walk the 10km so gimme money.

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Also the Terry Fox Foundation set me this awesome Tshirt for being awesome, so now you HAVE to donate to make the cost of the Tshirt and shipping worth it. Just saying.


  1. I love duvets but living in Hawaii isn't the best environment for it- Most times we just sleep on top of our sheets because it's so hot!

    But I love the look of yours! Maybe we'll get one from Target and just sleep on top of it LOL

    PS- I nominated you for the Liebster Award:

  2. Wow that is a great tip. That is what annoys me about duvet covers, it's the corners that disappear after I shake it once. If i shake it from other side, the other 2 corners disappear, I just give up after that.


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