Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY Throw Pillows!

I love it when I do a project and I feel productive about my blog, instead of rambling. haha

So at Home Outfitters yesterday I mentioned that I had bought something, even if it was not a pretty mirror. What I did get was these awesome napkins on sale for 50% off!!! Woohoo! They were from the outdoor section and there were also placemats in the same pattern. These napkins were regular $9.99, so I got two sets for only $10!

I loved the bold colours and graphic prints! It is the same pattern as this chair I also liked:

Only problem? I don't need napkins. I ain't all fancy like that, having dinner parties with cloth napkins. Pur-lease.

What I did need was new throw pillows! And these napkins got the wheels turning on a fun new project. Here are my pillows before:

They looked great with my colour scheme a year ago, but now they were too dark for my current look. Buying a new throw pillows can easily cost $30 per pillow and then I would just have to throw these out. I was looking to vamp up my space with pretty pillows for as cheap as possible- hence my new napkins at $1.25 each!

The only problem is that my napkins were 18"x18" and my pillows were much larger than that, so I had to get creative. For pillow #1, I decided to make a 2" trim around the outside. I cut one of the blue napkins into four strips and sewed them to the outside edges of the yellow napkins. The outside edges were a little finicky, but I got it all together. I sewed the last edge by hand. after I shoved my pillow in, much like I did with my outdoor cushion.

For the second pillow, I decided to make a removable cover using two green napkins and a blue one (I didn't love the black napkins for these pillows and I will save them for another time). I placed the blue one in the front and wrapped the green ones around the sides and back, leaving a slit open to insert the pillow. Basically it was simply sewing three together then stitching down the sides to cover the pillow.

Sadly, these aren't quite big enough for seat covers- but wouldn't that be cute??

Please ignore the mess in the background of these photos. The condo has been a mess since I came back from camping, but I am still too high on marshmallows and lake water to care.

Now for their new spot on my new couch!

I love the pop of colour! And for only $10 I can't complain!!

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  1. Great idea! I'll be keeping my eyes open for a similar deal!


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