Thursday, August 2, 2012

Decorating with Cats

I am going to be cat sitting this weekend that has me thinking about living with cats and the decor options available to you with pets.

Cat decor can be difficult, but if done right, it can be classy

HAHA just kidding! not that kind of cat decor

I am talking about decorating your home around the limitations of a cat. See with dogs, you have to contend with chewing and hair. With cats you have chewing, hair, scratching, AND a giant box of stink litter. While the first three cat be helped with training and cleaning, the last one is more difficult to work into your decor (unless you train your cat to go in the toilet, then kudos on you).

So I thought I would share some ideas on how to hide the "box o' shame":

From Ikea Hackers, we have this clever littler box hidden in a cabinet. That will help keep the smell in too!
Image here
Also from Ikea Hackers, we have the bottom of an Ikea Expedit, which has had the shelving removed and the box placed there. Not as out of sight, but an easy hack for everyday folk!
Image Here
If you have a few bucks to spend on hiding poops, then perhaps this sexy little number from Modernist Cat is right up your alley!
Image Here

From Apartment Therapy, there is a unique idea of punching a cat door in a closet and storing it out of sight. This might be a better idea for a lesser used don't want those scents on your clothing!! One of my friends has something like this for the cat to go use the litterbox in her basement.
Image Here
My dad has an automatic litter box which rakes and cleans itself after the cat uses it. It isn't small (built for multiple cats), but that can really help with the smell!

I have also seen litter boxes hidden in fake plants and in side tables! Tell me- where do you hide one? Which room is best?


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