Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Casey's Review of The Bourne Legacy

Ok, so Wednesday evening started out pretty normal- I was sitting at my desk "working hard" when I get an email from my friend saying that she has press tickets to an advance screening of The Bourne Legacy that night and would I like to join her? Ummm...yes! Reason 1: Free movie. Reason 2: last time we went to a press screening (for The Five Year Engagement) we got free cupcakes.

**Spoiler Alert** The Bourne Legacy did not come with cupcakes. Which is ridiculous because I am pretty sure that people who watch action movies like cupcakes too. Just sayin'

But you do get to walk down a red carpet, so that is pretty cool.

Anyway, so we get to the theatre at 7:00pm for the 7:30pm show and they are saying at the desk that IT WAS SOLD OUT! Apparently they gave away a bunch of free tickets on the radio or something and gave away more than the theatre could fill, expecting a lot of people not to show. But this is a blockbuster film, so clearly they all showed.

Then we hear a lady say to the organizer "we still have 6 press seats left" and my friend Vee is all "WE HAVE PRESS TICKETS!". And the organizer asks which news agency we are with and Vee calmly replies "xyz" and then the lady says "Oh, but Mike from xyz is already here!" and Vee replies "Oh, well Jake sent us". AND THEN THE LADY GAVE US THE TICKETS.

And that is basically how we busted into an advance screening of a movie. I really hope Mike never came looking for us. We did NOT take the press seats, but sat in basically the front row (it was PACKED).

But to make this all legit and everything, I decided to write a review. Now I AM press.

Casey's Review of The Bourne Legacy

Weird- I just noticed that this has last week as opening day, but its opens on the 10th here

First things first: Jeremy Renner. He is shirtless a lot. So ladies, that basically covers why you should see this movie.

Haha, no I'm kidding (well, not about the shirtless thing). The movie starts out after the 3rd Bourne movie (no, I haven't seen Supremacy or Ultimatum and I only saw Identity years ago when it came out, but trust me, you catch up fast) and follows another agent, Aaron Cross. Basically the Black Ops program is being shut down and they are killing all agents, but you can't kill our main guy that easily! He escapes and joins the ever lovely Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) on an adventure across the globe.

I don't want to give any spoilers so I am going to stop there.

I actually really enjoyed the film, and I rarely watch action movies (and I was jammed in the front row). I will give it points for having steady camera work and my motion sickness was completely under control the whole movie. Yes, I have had to leave theatres before because of shaky cameras. I found the plot intriguing because you really didn't know what was going to happen next. There were also a lot of action scenes in the movie which TOTALLY COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED if the characters had thought things through. Honestly, it was a little ridiculous at points how they put themselves in dangerous situations. But, then how else would you get the chase scenes? Yes guys, there was a lot of running, gun fights, car chases, and explosions galore!!

What I didn't enjoy was the cliffhanger ending! Are they seriously going to make another Bourne movie? Even Shrek stopped at four! I was shocked when it ended, but then looked at the time and the movie had already run for 2 hours! It went super fast.

Oh and in case this point actually interests people, there is no love story here. Yes, the main characters are a guy and a girl, and it may happen in the next movie, but this was all about action and adventure and unnecessary killing of extras.

All in all I give The Bourne Legacy 3 explosions out of 4.

They lost a point for a lack of ending and a lack of cupcakes. Yes, I am probably biased from not seeing the other Bourne movies. But on it's own, I liked this one!!


  1. This review is four explosions out of four!! (Followed by a motorcycle chase!!)

    Vee :)

    1. I know, I should get hired by a paper for my in-depth character and plot analysis


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