Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bathroom Reno Plans here goes. Now that I am putting it on the internet, I am going to have to follow through!! Yes, I want to redo my bathroom. Not a total gut job, because I don't want to sink a lot of money into it as this condo is not intended to be my forever home (however, I have been here almost 3 years so maybe it is time to give up that fantasy haha).

Basically I want to take the "builder basic" out of my bathroom. here is what we are starting with:

Shower Tile

Crowded Towel Storage

Outdated and crowded sink
Here is what I don't like about my bathroom:

My Vanity

I have never been fond of this vanity. The light wood with the detail does not fit the style of the condo (the doors and kitchen cabinets are flat and modern). The countertop it just boring cheap countertop and honestly, it wasn't a great install.

See? That isn't even a straight cut and the edges are all worn now. The only issue is that my sink area is in an alcove in the wall- and it is unfortunately 33.5" inches across, which is NOT a standard vanity size. Could be a challenge

My Floors

I don't like the floors in here. They are off-white, which is odd because the shower tiles are beige and the kitchen tiles are white. So why off-white? I do not like. Also, the grout is dark, which looks dirty all the time.

And there is a chip in one!

I think just changing up these two things will really help transform the space. I am currently also considering redoing the shower tile and putting up a glass shower door. As I have said, I don't want to spend a lot of money.

One of the first things I think I am going to tackle is the vanity. I really prefer a dark wood one. I want to see if I can restain the vanity, and then all I would need is to get a custom cut counter and an undermount sink (sexy!) and a tap. No idea what that would cost so clearly I have some homework to do.

If I can't work with my existing vanity, I will buy a new one. Here is my question for that- would it look weird if it doesn't go wall to wall in the alcove? I worry I will constantly drop things down the side. haha.

Anyway, I can't decide on the floor until the vanity is done because if I buy a new one with legs (my current one just has a kickboard) then the tile will need to extend under the vanity.

I can't make decisions so this is just going to be interesting!!

Now, back to my vanity. I am pretty sure it is veneer. Can I lightly sand and restain veneer?

Finally, to finish, here are some inspiration photos!




Trends are clearly:
- white and grey
- dark vanity
- grey countertop
- prettiness!!


  1. Nope, it won't look odd if it doesn't go wall-to-wall in the alcove, as long as you centre it! I would recommend a vanity that has legs like the first one you showed so, if you do drop things in the spaces between the walls, you can still get to them under the vanity. I love that first option!

    1. Yes, I would go legs too, if I went that way! seeing some more floor would help make the space seem bigger

  2. I chose a small vanity with legs for my bathroom reno. You should also see if you can buy new doors and drawer front for your existing vanity - might be cheaper.

  3. I agree with "Pops" (Hi Reg!) re the stand alone vanity. They are often on sale. The small ones are not that expensive.

    I've been studying bathrooms for a while now. (dreaming of change!) My excitement of the week is when the Home Depot and Lowes flyers come! All 3 of our bathrooms need doing. We will be taking the bathtub and shower doors off our ensuite bathroom and putting in a shower only. New vanity, new toilet, new floor. Our vanity is actually ok in the ensuite, just old and ugly. I may paint the cupboard and replace the counter top and sink. (there is still a bathtub in the kids' bathroom)
    Check with Chris with some of these questions. He's the "master" of this stuff! I'll be watching your progress and living vicariously through you! xo Sheila

  4. The modern style black and white looks fantastic in there!! The inside of the shower tub covering the walls is such a perfect tone of gray for the 'bricks'. A true master piece.

    -Irwin Zinkin


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