Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anthralin Update: Week 4

Warning: Pictures are starting to get ugly!!

Ugh, week 4 is already upon me! I am hopefully getting over the hump of new areas of skin getting used to treatment. In weeks 1&2, I only did one spot on my head so the rest of my head is only just starting its treatment! My head is PEELING!

I even did my treatments while camping, which wasn't fun. Luckily my friend helped me apply at the site and after 15 minutes I walked to the comfort station to wash it off. I was glad I got a site near a shower! Except on the Saturday night I got there and all the showers were full and I had to wash my head in the laundry room sink. Some lady came in while I was doing this and I probably looked hilarious- washing my bald head in a sink with gloves on. But then I think people who do laundry while camping are pretty unique folk who have probably seen a lot (or have just bed wetting kids)

So yes, the top of my head got dark and then started peeling last weekend. I hope once it has all peeled that it stops getting to that point. That is what makes me itchy and it is so ugly. I wore a bandana all weekend. I tried a swim cap for the lake, but it was uncomfortable and pulled my face back like a cheap facelift. So I just didn't dunk my head and left my bandana on. The redness persists all over and for some reason has moved into my left temple on my face. Luckily my hair covers it. I have a theory that the top of my head is darker and gets the peeling because it gets the most sun exposure, even under my wig. And this stuff isn't supposed to get sun exposure. Not much I can do about that!

Man I think it photographs way better than how it actually looks!! It seems really dark in my bathroom mirror. It also feels like sandpaper if you run your hand over my head.

Also, my lymph nodes are starting to be affected. A listed side effect is swollen glands, but nothing indicates that I should be worried or stop treatment if this happens. On the weekend I noticed a sore bump on the back of my head and I thought maybe I had bonked it on something. It wasn't until Monday when I noticed the lymph node on the right side of my neck was hardened and swollen that I put two and two together. Also, I had to Google to confirm there even WERE lymph nodes on the back of the head! I also have a bit of a sore jaw on the right side, and I am not sure if it is from a swollen gland near the joint. Who knows. The one on my neck doesn't hurt and is barely noticeable. I hope it stays that way!

The only upside is that the doctor say I may start seeing results after 5 weeks so it is a little exciting to start getting to that point! The only problem is that I already had a fine down on my head before treatment and the Anthralin has been dying it it is hard to tell!!

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