Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wherefore Art Thou DIY Art?

So on Monday I left off that I was stumped on what to do with all my canvases. I had given up on embroidery or painting because I am not very artistic with either of those mediums. I went back to what I know best- jamming staples in things!!

I lay out all my canvases and I stapled the heck outta them to make one giant piece. Now some people would say, "Casey, why not buy wood and make a frame?". To which I say "how the heck would I get giant pieces of wood home and where is this mysterious wood store in downtown Toronto?". And I already had canvas so, ya know, use what you got!!

You can see a failed embroidery attempt here! And In case you think I went staple crazy- I did- but half of those were already there holding the canvas on. You can also see the material I will cover my giant canvas with!! This is an Ikea curtain that I got at Value Village for $7. Woohoo!

I needed more canvases to reach to the ceiling so on Monday I went to Dollarama and attached those as well.

I then glued some cork board behind two of the canvases so that I could hang things from my new giant wall art! The two pieces of cork came from the Dollar Store for 2 for $2. I was a bit worried the glue would go through the canvas to the material- but it didn't! Yay!

You can see in this shot how big it really is. Not too heavy though, at least!

Then I hung it up! Hurrah! Now, I just put four nails in the wall and it isn't hanging completely flush, so I may back it up with some Command picture hanging strips or something. You can really see how it balances out the somewhat small frames in the hall and living room. Filling up this wall is difficult!!

It still looked a little plain, so I put some push pins in where the cork was placed (it worked like a charm!) and hung my new favourite DIY art. haha

So that is my new art for over my table! I think it anchors my little dining room. I am still not 100% on the fabric. Navy isn't in my colour inspiration, but I do love navy and grey, so maybe I can get a bit more navy in here to pull it in. We shall see.



I have the table pulled away from the wall in case this feels like crashing down tonight. Haha, I am a terrible DIY-er.

Edit: I updated my "Pin It" button. Before it wouldn't pin directly to a post. Now it will, but to see the button you need to be clicked ON the post, not just scrolling through from my homepage. This HTML stuff is beyond me. haha

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