Monday, July 9, 2012

Snazzifying my ottoman

Remember last week how I showed the pretty new material I picked up at Fabricland for $11 a meter? After I bought it, I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for. I have two "upholstery" projects in mind: one being new seat covers for my chairs (since I got two new ones) and the other being recovering my ottoman. Originally, I was thinking of using this material for the chairs, as I wasn't sure I had enough for the ottoman (I hadn't pre-measured). However, after a few quick measurements, I realized the two meters that I bought were plenty to cover my ottoman!

Have you ever noticed that I had an ottoman? It usually sits at the end of my bed, but you can see it in this photo:

It is a great storage ottoman I got for only $100 from Home Outfitters last summer. The only issue is that as I started to redo the condo, I didn't like that it was black. So I often covered it with that soft white throw.

Obviously this was a temporary issue and once I had gotten myself a staple gun, I knew it was time to tackle this project!

Right now, this ottoman is where I keep my games, books and spare linens. Eventually I will get a bookcase, but for now this system is fine. Except that I have had to move that darn blanket off every time and then reposition it nicely again!

First things first, I removed all the screws for the hinges and legs, etc so I had a clean working surface. Once of the hinges REFUSED to unscrew. Nightmare.

I then cut up my material for the 4 sides and sewed them together into a happy little outfit for the base. I made sure to leave an inch or two on each side so I could wrap around and staple it down. It took a few tries to get my corners nice and even (and ON the corners), but it was an easy fix since all the seams will be forever hidden.

After I had it all on properly, I flipped this sucker upside down and began stapling around the bottom. So hard on the hands! I had no idea this was going to be such a back breaking projects! Just be sure to keep pulling your fabric nice and taunt and stick as many staples in as you need. I put a staple in on all four sides to make sure that it didn't shift from the corners as I went.

For the corners, do your best to make it neat so that it will lie as flat as possible and not pucker on the visible side. I just did a quick fold and stapled it down well.

With my bottom done, I flipped it over and stapled along the inside, making sure to keep my fabric tight and even. It doesn't need to look amazing because only you will see the inside (or so that;s my theory anyway).

For the lid, I just laid it out, cut around with enough material to wrap to the underside, and stapled it down as well!

Then all I needed to do was reattach my hinges and brackets and whatnot. I did find I needed to pull up my stitches to find the darn holes again, but it was easy. Only issue is that one screw would NOT go back in the lid, and then it started to break the hinge when I tried to get it out! Total nightmare. I eventually did get it out without breaking the hinge and I just tossed the screw. Two will hold it in fine.

Then all I had to do was refill it with my junk and sit back and admire it!

I love it! It ties in much nicer with my style than the plain black one did. Plus those black leather storage ottomans are a dime a dozen (why are they always black) and now I think it looks like a much more expensive, designer ottoman- for only $22 in fabric and a lot of sore muscles!!


  1. Did you try to line up the pattern on the top and bottom or did that just luckily work out? Nice job, looks a hundred times better!

    1. Nope! Lucky accident! I didnt notice until after I did it

  2. I have a brown leather ottoman I've really grown tired of and I think it needs a good reupholstering too! Such and improvement.

  3. WHat an improvement! Looks fantastic!


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