Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Random Day

I have had a busy day and a lot on my mind, so I don't have any new projects to show today. Therefore I thought I would just show a random assortment of things I am digging right now! I'm sorry- I promise to get back to being an awesome blogger soon :)

First of all, I DID get to Fabricland and I got this beautiful fabric for only $11/m. I have two projects in mind for it, but I need to do some measuring. I don't know why I don't measure BEFORE going to Fabricland, because now I will need to go back again for the second project! Will I ever learn?

I like that it is fairly neutral, but it still a fun pattern and has turquoise in it, which ties in nicely with my armoire. I have a really hard time mixing patterns and I think I want a pattern for both projects, so we will see what I come up with. I also REALLY wants a yellow fabric, like this one from Young House Love...but Fabricland apparently does not do fun yellow prints??

Then I got these pretty birds from the Christmas section of Fabricland for only $1 each! The white ones are actually from the Dollar Store next to Fabricland. They will be used for my Christmas tree this winter. I think the theme shall be "GLITTER!!!" but we shall see.

Speaking of bird, my friend Lisa made this art for her bedroom and I am in love! They are sooo cute. She created stencils for the birds and used wire dipped in paint to make the wires.

I just love the simplicity of them and they remind me of one of my favourite Pixar shorts, For the Birds. Do you think I can convince her to hang a giant awkward bird between these prints? haha


  1. I dunno. I hear this Lisa is a bit of a crazy person.

    But I am glad you love the birds! I should really get on a post of it... but to be honest I only have the after photos! I guess I could hunt for the other stuff photowise online... huuur!

    You should do it too! I'm thinking on a lovely light orange canvas for your place, or that AWESOME yellow for your strange ass turtle. Wait... is it a turtle?

    1. well, and I thought "I" was random today. haha. I dont know If i have a spot for new art right now...hmmm


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