Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Long Weekend

Ok, I guess I didn't GLO so much this weekend, but since I have today (Tuesday) off as well, I guess I still have time to get some stuff done. haha. However, it wasn't like I spent my weekend counting the bumps in popcorn ceiling- I was hard at work!

First of all, I sold my old couch!! On Thursday night I got a call from someone asking if the couch was still available. Once I confirmed that it was, she said she was coming within the hour! woohoo! So I scrambled to clear the path to the door, take off the legs, and maneuver it to the door. I don't like strangers coming into my condo, so I try to get big stuff at least to the door, or hopefully all the way to the hallway. Anyway, these two guys that showed up were very nice and carried it out to their van and handed me $100 as payment. SCORE! I was very happy to see it go! I did forget to give them the throw pillows and care kit, so I still have those lying around.

Now for the after photos of the condo!

It is soooo nice to see my floor again!

Then, my dad dropped off two more folding chairs for my "dining room". They will live in the locker until I have guests over and need to fit 4 around my table. I also need to recover the seats as I am not feeling the boring beige that they come with.

I love these chairs and I still can't believe they come from Costco and only cost $30 each! They are so sturdy, comfortable, and they fold up for easy storage! I actually sit at my computer 90% of the time that I am home, so a good chair is a must.

Then, after work on Friday, I headed out to Ajax to help my brother and sister-in-law move into their brand new home! And by "help" I mean I was in charge of watching their seven month old baby while they did all the hard work. She is such a little cutie and I loved spending some bonding time with her.

I stayed with them Friday and Saturday night and I knew by Sunday they were ready to get rid of that annoying lady who just won't leave and I got ready to go home. However, my friend texted me and invited me to join her and some other friends for the fireworks display in our hometown. So I took off with her to grab some drinks and dinner on a patio and then we carried 100 lbs of blankets and pillows to the field for the show. We had a blast watching the mediocre entertainment and laughing at all the teenagers who weren't dressed for the weather. Afterwards we ran like the wind so I could catch the next train to Toronto. Ringing in our country's birthday has never been so much!

Then on Monday I did get around to cleaning my bathtub and moping my floors, but mostly I nursed a sunburn. Oops!!

How was your long weekend?

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